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  1. Thank @WatashiwaJin. However, I would still like my users to be able to change the field. I want to see that field populated with the First day of the month when the DataPage loads.
  2. Hi - how can I set the my Date field in a Submission to have a default value set to the first day of the current month?
  3. Hi - I have 4 Virtual fields in my submission form and ALL virtual fields have Dropdown form elements. When I select a value in one virtual field, I would like to set the other fields to have blank values. So my scenarios, 1. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual1, the values in cbParamVirtual2, cbParamVirtual3, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null. 2. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual2, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual3, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null. 3. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual3, the values in cbParamVirtual1,
  4. How can I redirect my DataPage after a Bulk Edit process? I have a Tabular report and I have the Bulk Edit feature enabled. After, I clicked on the Update button in the BULK Edit Window, I want it to be redirected to the Submission DataPage.
  5. I have a Tabular form. How can I make the Table results invisible?
  6. I have a Tabular report in which Bulk Edit is enabled. I would like to have a Javascript that will allow to automatically put a check in the Select All check box and automatically click the BULK edit link. Is this possible?
  7. I need assistance to add quotes("" "") to the value in my field. For example: Apple,Banana,Carrot. I want to have an output "Apple","Banana","Carrot"
  8. How can I insert a character in a string using formula field. For example, my record is 1256. I want to have a formula to insert ':' to make it 12:56. I can do it using Left() and Right() functions, but cis there another function where I can use to insert a character?
  9. I have report which shows that list of the trips of my drivers. Currently, I have two shifts for my drivers- Morning (7am-7pm) and Night (7pm-7am). My issue is I want to show a report where, when my night shift driver searches all his trips for a specific date, it will show me all the trips made from 7PM of the chosen day until 7AM of the next day. I am hoping for your assistance.
  10. I need assistance in implementing a JS when a check box is ticked. I have 2 address fields (Permanent and Present), and a "Same as" Checkbox field. I want to automatically copy the value of "Present address" field to "Permanent Address" field when the "Same as" Checkbox field.
  11. Hello - I need help in improving the JS code below. I would like to add data validation upon updating a record via In line Edit in a Tabular form. Any feedback is much appreciated. <script> document.getElementById("Mod0InlineEdit").onclick = function() { window.alert("check"); if(document.getElementsByName("Mod0InlineEdit")[0].value > 100 { window.alert("save!"); } else if (document.getElementsByName("Mod0InlineEdit")[0].value > 1000 { window.alert("do not save!"); return false; } else { window.
  12. May I please ask your help how can this be implemented in a Tabular DataPage when editing a record? Thank you.
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