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  1. Thank @WatashiwaJin. However, I would still like my users to be able to change the field. I want to see that field populated with the First day of the month when the DataPage loads.
  2. Hi - how can I set the my Date field in a Submission to have a default value set to the first day of the current month?
  3. Hi - I have 4 Virtual fields in my submission form and ALL virtual fields have Dropdown form elements. When I select a value in one virtual field, I would like to set the other fields to have blank values. So my scenarios, 1. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual1, the values in cbParamVirtual2, cbParamVirtual3, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null. 2. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual2, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual3, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null. 3. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual3, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual2, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null. 4. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual4, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual2, and cbParamVirtual3 would be blank or null. I hope that this would be a simple JavaScript that you can provide. Thank you for the help.
  4. How can I redirect my DataPage after a Bulk Edit process? I have a Tabular report and I have the Bulk Edit feature enabled. After, I clicked on the Update button in the BULK Edit Window, I want it to be redirected to the Submission DataPage.
  5. I have a Tabular form. How can I make the Table results invisible?
  6. I have a Tabular report in which Bulk Edit is enabled. I would like to have a Javascript that will allow to automatically put a check in the Select All check box and automatically click the BULK edit link. Is this possible?
  7. I need assistance to add quotes("" "") to the value in my field. For example: Apple,Banana,Carrot. I want to have an output "Apple","Banana","Carrot"
  8. How can I insert a character in a string using formula field. For example, my record is 1256. I want to have a formula to insert ':' to make it 12:56. I can do it using Left() and Right() functions, but cis there another function where I can use to insert a character?
  9. I have report which shows that list of the trips of my drivers. Currently, I have two shifts for my drivers- Morning (7am-7pm) and Night (7pm-7am). My issue is I want to show a report where, when my night shift driver searches all his trips for a specific date, it will show me all the trips made from 7PM of the chosen day until 7AM of the next day. I am hoping for your assistance.
  10. I need assistance in implementing a JS when a check box is ticked. I have 2 address fields (Permanent and Present), and a "Same as" Checkbox field. I want to automatically copy the value of "Present address" field to "Permanent Address" field when the "Same as" Checkbox field.
  11. Hello - I need help in improving the JS code below. I would like to add data validation upon updating a record via In line Edit in a Tabular form. Any feedback is much appreciated. <script> document.getElementById("Mod0InlineEdit").onclick = function() { window.alert("check"); if(document.getElementsByName("Mod0InlineEdit")[0].value > 100 { window.alert("save!"); } else if (document.getElementsByName("Mod0InlineEdit")[0].value > 1000 { window.alert("do not save!"); return false; } else { window.alert("do not save!"); return false; } }
  12. May I please ask your help how can this be implemented in a Tabular DataPage when editing a record? Thank you.
  13. I would like to get the second column of my table (in my Tabular form) to be left-justified and I can’t figure out how to do it and I need some help. What is the best way to get thank kind of help?
  14. Thank you @Mathilda. However, due to the limited number of DataPages, is it possible to use JS to implement this?
  15. I have a couple data formatting issue I’m trying to figure out the best way to deal with. The most important issue is date formatting for non-USA users (like in Australia, UK, etc). Their date format is dd/mm/yyyy while ours is mm/dd/yyyy. I have to have the Localization set to USA mm/dd/yyyy because most users are here. However, a big part of our market is Australia/UK so I need the date format to work for them too. So I need to figure out how to override Localization formatting on occasion on the existing data pages, based on the value of an Authentication field (the ‘Country’ field).
  16. @douvega The impacted Data element is a CASCADING dropdown menu. I don't see an option for it to receive the parameter within the Caspio bridge. I am assuming that this will need a custom JS on windows. onload() to set the Dropdown value to the parameter.
  17. How to set dropdown field type to receive parameter, upon DataPage onload
  18. Thank you @Mathilda. For Submission forms, how can I initialize a regular text field to get the Current day of the week
  19. How can I put the current day of the week in an App Paramater
  20. Is there some javascript we can add somewhere so that when the user clicks ‘Choose File’, we can direct the File Explorer popup to the correct folder where the documents are stored?
  21. I have link (which I use to pass parameters) in HTML Block in a tabular form which redirects me to a Details page. Is there away I can hide the those parameters in the URL?
  22. Need assistance please - I want to Hide a row from a tabular report based on the result of a calculated field. For example tracking of attendance. If my Calculated field (Status) = "No", the name of the student will be hidden in the table. Thank you.
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