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  1. Hi - I have 4 Virtual fields  in my submission form and ALL virtual fields have Dropdown form elements. When I select a value in one virtual field, I would like to set the other fields to have blank values. So my scenarios,

    1. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual1, the values in cbParamVirtual2, cbParamVirtual3, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null.

    2. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual2, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual3, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null.

    3. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual3, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual2, and cbParamVirtual4 would be blank or null.

    4. I chose a value(non-null) in cbParamVirtual4, the values in cbParamVirtual1, cbParamVirtual2, and cbParamVirtual3 would be blank or null.

    I hope that this would be a simple JavaScript that you can provide. Thank you for the help.

  2. How can I redirect my DataPage after a Bulk Edit process? 

    I have a Tabular report and I have the Bulk Edit feature enabled. After, I clicked on the Update button in the BULK Edit Window, I want it to be redirected to the Submission DataPage. 

  3. I have report which shows that list of the trips of my drivers. Currently, I have two shifts for my drivers- Morning (7am-7pm) and Night (7pm-7am). My issue is I want to show a report where, when my night shift driver searches all his trips for a specific date, it will show me all the trips made from 7PM of the chosen day until 7AM of the next day.

    I am hoping for your assistance.

  4. Hello - I need help in improving the JS code below. I would like to  add data validation upon updating a record via In line Edit in a Tabular form. Any feedback is much appreciated.


    document.getElementById("Mod0InlineEdit").onclick = function() {
        if(document.getElementsByName("Mod0InlineEdit")[0].value > 100 {
          else if (document.getElementsByName("Mod0InlineEdit")[0].value > 1000 {
        window.alert("do not save!");
            return false;

        else {
            window.alert("do not save!");
            return false;

  5. I have a couple data formatting issue I’m trying to figure out the best way to deal with. 

    The most important issue is date formatting for non-USA users (like in Australia, UK, etc). Their date format is dd/mm/yyyy while ours is mm/dd/yyyy. I have to have the Localization set to USA mm/dd/yyyy because most users are here. However, a big part of our market is Australia/UK so I need the date format to work for them too. 

      So I need to figure out how to override Localization formatting on occasion on the existing data pages, based on the value of an Authentication field (the ‘Country’ field).

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