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  1. Hello - I need your expertise on how to implement this workflow. Enter search data into datapage—pull up a list of companies in a string separated by the word OR and each company is in quotes. Example: Search criteria Result (in one row) = "Cyber games" OR "Initial Cyber" OR "Cybertron" I appreciate any feedback you can give.
  2. Can anyone let me know if there is a mobile app builder which we can deploy Caspio DataPages to?
  3. Hello - is there away I can transpose the table in a results page? Currently, my results page look like this. TYPE Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 I would like to display it like this TYPE Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I have a submission form which is configured to send auto emails. I have embedded a report DataPage in the auto email via iframe but I am getting an error message that says "Sorry your browser does not support....". Can somebody let me know how can I embed a table in the auto notification email
  5. I have a submission for and I want to restrict my users to upload Word and PDF files only. May I know if there the JS that I can use to implement this? Thank you.
  6. Thank you. Just also found a workaround ***To get the Quarter:*** CASE WHEN Month([@field:Renewal_Date]) <=3 THEN 'Q4' WHEN Month([@field:Renewal_Date]) <=6 THEN 'Q1' WHEN Month([@field:Renewal_Date]) <=9 THEN 'Q2' WHEN Month([@field:Renewal_Date]) <=12 THEN 'Q3' ELSE 'NA' END ***To get the FY:*** CASE WHEN (Month([@field:FYEntry]) >= 4 AND Month([@field:FYEntry]) <= 12) THEN Right ((Year([@field:FYEntry])+1),2) ELSE Right (Year([@field:FYEntry]),2) END
  7. Hello - I have and Start_Date field with Data type Date/Time. I added another field that is call Renewal_date with Formula field data type. May I please ask for the formula to use in my Renewal_date field. For example: Start_Date - 07/15/2017 Expected Renewal Date should be = 07/15/2018
  8. I have a virtual field in a submission for. My input in that virtual field is comma separated values. What I want to achieve, is upon submitting the DataPage, the value will be separately into my table fields. Example: Table fields are Name, Age and Gender Virtual field Input: Nelson, 50, Male Expected outcome: Nelson is stored in the Name field 50 is stores in the Age field Male is stored in the Gender field
  9. Is it possible to have the signature drawn on the automatic email?
  10. Hello - I have a field in my table that has a Formula Field. I need help to generate a formula that will give me the week number based on my TimeStamp field.
  11. Hello - I have a field name with Data type Yes/No and in my tabular report, instead of displaying the value I want to show a Check mark imgae if the value is 'Yes' and an X mark if the value is NO. I was thinking of using a formula field. is this possible? Or is there any work around? Thank you.
  12. Hello - I need help for custom JS to compute and display the Calibration_Due in a submission form when the user inputs the Last_Calibration date and the Calibration_Frequency · Calibration_Due = Last_Calibration + Calibration_Frequency Where field types are Calibration_Due – date Last_Calibration – date Calibration_Frequency – number of months
  13. I want to Pass the aggregated value from my reports DataPage to another DataPage.
  14. I need assistance to change the background of an element in a gallery or list report when clicked. And get it's reference ID or info as a parameter
  15. Hello - I only have one field to update for Bulk Editing and I would assign that field for bulk edit it's default value. May you please help me to have a script that will trigger the auto submit form for this bulk edit. Thank you so much
  16. Hello everyone - I have a Calendar dataPage and I added a Calculated field and a link in it. I need a JS to hide the Link I created if the Calculated Field is not NULL or blank
  17. Hello - Can you please check my script below? Before updating an entry in a DETAILS page, I need to make an entry check to make sure that the entered items is not greater than the limits (stored in calculated fields). NOTE: The details page' datasource table is a table view. I have this script placed in the details page Footer. <script type="text/javascript"> function EntryCheck() { var D='[@calcfield:7]'; var W='[@calcfield:8]'; var F='[@calcfield:9]'; var enteredDiapers = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordFulfilled_Items_Item_qty_Diapers").value); var enteredWipes = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordFulfilled_Items_Item_qty_Wipes").value); var enteredFormula = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordFulfilled_Items_Item_qty_Formula").value); if ((enteredDiapers>D) || (enteredWipes>W) || (enteredFormula>F))) { alert("Actual fulfilled entry should not excess requested essentials"); } } document.getElementById('caspioform').onsubmit=EntryCheck; </script> Datapage: https://c2arw288.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=da284000b8cdf3ba492b42b8bde9&Request_ID=1 UN: part@mail.com PW: test
  18. I created a Tabular report with this fields - ID, Requested, Fulfilled. I added HTML Block as another field 1. What script can I insert to shown difference of Requested and Fulfilled? 2. If the difference > 0, it should be linked to another datapage 3. If difference = 0, it should have an alert saying that this item is already fulfilled
  19. I have a single update form that receives a parameter in a Virtual field. I need to update an existing field (FulfilledQtyDiaper) by adding its current value and the value of the virtual field. I have this script in my Footer but it is not working. <br /> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function UpdateQty() { var d = parseInt(document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value); var newd = d + parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordFulfilledQtyDiaper").value); document.getElementById("EditRecordFulfilledQtyDiaper").value = newd; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit= UpdateQty; </SCRIPT>
  20. Hello, I have a submission form with 3 fields - Price, Qty and Total Amount. May you please help me in developing a script to get the Total Amount when Price or Qty is changed. (without submitting the dp) The formula for Total Amount. is Price * Qty. Thanks in advance.
  21. hi, can we link Caspio to these payment merchants? 1. Stripe 2. Prestashop
  22. Hello, I have a Virtual field with Radio button as Form element type in a Submission form. The value of this radio button is set to a URL page I also added HTML block underneath the Virtual field so I can insert an Iframe. What script can I use as to change the iframe's src to the radio button value.
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