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  1. Hello, is there a way where in the application automatically logs out after the Submit button has been hit, without setting the Destination emails wizard to Go to a new page? Is there a script I can use to do this?
  2. Hi, how can I add my company logo or image in my datapages
  3. Need help to have a work around on how to ensure that students are not enrolling a subject which overlaps their current schedule. For example: Student A - is currently enrolled in a subject on Monday 1PM- 1:55PM. When she tries to enroll again, the system should not allow her to enroll any subject anytime between 1PM- 1:55PM on the same day.
  4. How can I redirect my auto-submit form if it encounters the message Values in one or more fields are invalid.
  5. My Update form has 7 dropdown fields (Q1 – Q7) in which Rate/Yes/No options have corresponding numeric values. (Rate=No - No value, Yes=5, No=0) . We need help in 2 things. 1. Calculate and store the total Value of all the fields.To Calculate and store the total value of the Q1 – Q7 dropdown, we use the following script in the footer of the update form, (but it seems that it's not working) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calculate() { var Q1 = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordQ1").value); var Q2 = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordQ2").value); var Q3 = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordQ3").value); var Q4 = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordQ4").value); var Q5 = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordQ5").value); var Q6 = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordQ6").value); var Q7 = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordQ7").value); QRating=parseInt( Q1 + Q2 + Q3 + Q4 + Q5 + Q6 + Q7); document.getElementById("EditRecordReferral_Rating").value = QRating; } document.getElementById("caspio").onsubmit=calculate; </SCRIPT> 2. Calculate and store get the Percentage of the answered questions. --> Need help on this. Our URL https://c2arw288.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=DA284000754da7037a634519be3d&bestemailID=cmedrano@orangetheoryfitness.com Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi MayMusic, I would like to save all the options of the radio button as one record into the table..
  7. I hope you can help me out with this. I have a submission form (connected to a blank data source) which has 1 Virtual field. The data element of the Virtual field is 'Radio button'. I would like to save all the radio button values by passing each radio button value to another submission form (which is an auto-submit form). I added this script in an HTML block of the fist submission form. I created a button <input onclick="SubmitRec()" type="submit" value="Click me" /> <script> function SubmitRec() { var radios = document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordcbParamVirtual1"); for(i = 0; i < radios.length; i++) { val = radios.value; var url = "https://c2arw288.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=da284000f17dcfea2642497980e7?assid=[@cbParamVirtual1]; window.open ('url'); } } window.close() </script> This script in the Footer <script> window.onload = function hide() { document.getElementById("Submit").style.visibility = 'hidden'; } </script> Then I have this script in the Footer of the second submission form <script > setTimeout('document.forms["caspioform"].submit()',1000); setTimeout (window.close, 1000) </script>
  8. can we do this one time process using a datapage?
  9. User should be able to select a column field and add all it records to a new or existing table
  10. Hello - I have a DETAILS search and report form that shows the Student_Info and Status. How can I modify the datapage to show all records that are not matching a certain criteria. I am passing the search criteria from one URL to another.
  11. That sounds good for a one time process bulk deletion. Thanks MayMusic
  12. Thank you for your reply MayMusic. This is a one time process as an Admin. The Report page can only show/update a max of 999 records a time. If we are taking a like million records, the Search page is not a good option.
  13. Hello - would you know any script that I can use in my HTML datapage for deleting bulk records (more than 1k?
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