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  1. DefinitelyNot31337 Thank you for the info. I confirmed the the "Designated entry page" does not = None. Regarding the two authentications that take place when a person logs in: the first authentication is for the login page, authenticating the user name and password. The second authenticates the user based on their role (value in a specific authentication field, then the script directs the user to a specific home page based on role, or value in that field. So the two pages use different authentications as you noted, but I confirmed the 'Enable cross-app login' is indeed checked. I have looked at the authentications and datapages literally 20 times and do not see anything out of order based on the setup documentation I found in the Caspio help. If there is something wrong in the setup and I am missing it, then I don't know what to look for. When the next customer calls in, I will try the CTL F5 idea.
  2. Our end-users are once again experiencing this problem (endless looping between the login page and the page they are directed to after logging in). It does not matter which browser they use, the problem persists with all browsers. These reports are coming from end-users who are using a PC, not a mobile device. Are any of you also hearing reports of this?
  3. Problem still persists...going on 3 days now. Just had a customer call stating he is having the same issue. He says has not be able to use our app for three days.
  4. Thanks, Douvega. Unfortunately, that did not work for us. After adding a field to the authentication and then deleting it, I asked a customer to log in (a customer who has not logged in for a couple of days) and she getting the looping error. We have discovered another workaround, it's not great. If you have a logout button on the home page users are directed to after logging in, if they click that button and then log back in, the problem is fixed. Essentially logging out clears the login credentials from cache.
  5. Thank you very much for replying, Douvega and Breee. We have over 1,000 users who are external customers and most are not tech-savvy, so a message on the login screen to clear the cache is not terribly effective. Hopefully Caspio will roll out a solution soon..
  6. Is anyone else encountering a looping error when the application login page redirects to another page? Our application contains a login page and up until yesterday once a user enters his or her login credentials, the user is re-directed their respective home page. This morning, when a user enters his or her credentials the user is re-directed to his or her home page and then immediately re-directed to the login page and then immediately re-directed to the home page...and this is an endless loop. Caspio does not have an answer, although I suspect it has something to do with last night
  7. Hi Mathilda. Thank you, this works as it should. Unfortunately, this brings up a pop-up box that allows the user to dismiss future alerts. Is there code that would allow me to display this message within the form? Thanks!
  8. I have a currency field in a table and I am using a Submission form to enter new records into that table. I want to keep users from entering a value higher than $75,000 in the currency field when using the Submission form. I also want to set a minimum value. I considered using a lookup field with fixed values, but quickly determined the min/max range is too wide ($5,000 - $75,000) because I would need to include values for $5,000.00, $5,000.01, $5,000.02 and so on, all the way up to $75,000. The answer then is using Javascript. Does anybody have the code that will match data entered into the currency field against a minimum and maximum value?
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