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  1. Hi, Mathilda - thanks for the reply but, as I wrote in my question, the "Member?" field no longer appears on the "Configure Details Page Fields" page so I can't remove it the normal way. I also can't hide it for the same reason. I guess this is a bug so I'll report it in that forum. Thanks for the link to the article on calculating a field using Java Script.
  2. My free trial just expired and my account was converted to a free account. During the free trial I had created a calculated field called "Member?" on the Details page. Calculated fields are not supported in a free account, which I assume is why the "Member?" field does not show on the list of Data Page Elements on the Configure Details Page Fields page. However, the field name "Member?" still shows on the Details Page with no value when that page is displayed. How can I remove that field from the Details Page?
  3. In Access I can copy a column from a query (e.g. email addresses) and paste the contents (e.g. into the Bcc: field of an email). Is there any way to do the equivalent in Caspio?
  4. I have many columns in a report so the View Details button, which is on the right end of each report row, is not easily seen. I would either like to move it to the left end of each report row or recreate it as a custom button at the left end. Does anyone have the source code for recreating that button?
  5. Thanks for the reference to the Localization settings. That did the job of renaming the Search Again button. I used @MayMusic's code with "URL" replaced by the url of the web page where I access my Caspio database. On the Configure Results page (and Configure Details page), I first clicked insert (at the bottom of the list of elements) and then clicked Header and Footer. Then I used insert again to create an HTML Block in the header. I placed the code in the HTML Block in the header of both the results page and the details page. To insert the code in the HTML Block, be sure to click Source before pasting the code.
  6. Thanks very much. The code works fine. I labelled the button "New Search". Is there any way to remove the "Search again" button or to relabel it "Modify Search"?
  7. A reset button (<input type="reset" value="Reset" />) on a search form will reset changes made on that form but will not change fields left over from a previous search after Search Again is clicked on the previous results page. How can those previous search values be removed and the default values restored on the search form?
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