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  1. hi folks, im trying to implement an event whereby when the user changes a dropdown to a value say "sold", it will trigger an event to congratulate the user and allow him to input some fields on a new page. any javascript event i can use to implement such kind of event? thks
  2. hi, i used iframes to 'embed' my results page onto a frontend web page. it works well on windows n android but d scrolling function display badly on ios devices. anyway i can tackle this issue? once again, thanks a lot!
  3. Hi. I like to conditionally show a field on results page. can that be done? eg if field1 is "Apple" then field2 show "Red" else field2 will be hidden thanks
  4. Thanks ccarls3. Greatly appreciate! i ll give it a try
  5. Hi all. need help on this one... is there a way to create an autocomplete with validation? 1) that is, if the user were to key in a name and this name is not found in the lookup table, they will be informed to find another name 2) even better, if the name is not found, it can prompt the user to add a new name to this table by pointing them to a new form to fill up dropdown can serve (1), however, on mobile browsers, d dropbox element does not allow users to type in the first letters to get to the part which starts with those letters. my list is very long so it will be very
  6. Hi. is there any way to make a html page dynamic such that when there are more results displayed, d page height can adjust accordingly. now i have a display issue whereby i have to set my godaddy or wix page height to a large number (for my embedded code) so that it can show more results. when there are only a few results, d page height will remain and there ll b a lot of blank spaces below the results which looks unprofessional im probably dreaming but ll b even better if can do scrolling like facebook? whereby the app ll shows only 6 results and when the user scrolls to the 6th result,
  7. Haha. thanks may. you have been a wonderful help! if im in ya country, i owe u a drink. truly n sincerely
  8. Hi may, thanks for d reply. However, ll disabling ajax slow down d page loading because i read on d internet that ajax speeds up page loading. is there any other way to force the page to d top using javascript or others? thanks
  9. Hi. I created a list report which shows max of 6 items per page. I realized when there are more than 1 page, when d user go to the next page, it only shows the bottom of the next page and doesnt go to the top. Is there any javascript or caspio datapage setting i need to set which will automatically bring my user to the top of the page on the next page? Thanks
  10. Hi. Is there any way i can insert a default value into a hidden field if the value of another field is of a certain value. Eg... If field 1 is "apple", when user clicks submit, d app ll insert "red" into field 2 If field 1 is "egg", when user clicks submit, d app ll insert "brown" into field In both cases, user ll only get to select field 1, not field 2 Many Thanks
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