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  1. Is it possible to create a single page app (SPA) style data page? I want to base the page off the Zillow search by map, with the map on the left and the results to the right on the same page. Clicking a listing will show the detail on a layer over the map. Moving the map needs to update the query based on geo data. It seems that the search-results-details as 3 different pages is an outdated paradigm in a lot of modern web projects.
  2. +1 - This has become critical. I know some of the JS libraries(react, angular) can now be spidered. This should be a top priority for Caspio.
  3. I'm trying to create an FTP scheduled task with an FTP URL. It is similar to this: ftp://xxxxxxx:pppppppp@idx.living.net/idx_fl_ftp_down/idx_naples_dn/naples_data.zip I do not have directory rights, I can only retrieve the file. How do I use the task scheduler for this type of connection?
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