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  1. I checked F12 and it tells me TypeError: totalField is undefined This error comes from a javascript which is in a HTML block which I copied from another thread in this forum. (see script below) So, the live webpage does not recognise var totalField = document.getElementsByClassName('cbFormData')[0];?? <script type="text/javascript"> // Caspio form elements var UnitCostField = document.getElementById('InsertRecordLocalUnitCost'); var qtyField = document.getElementById('InsertRecordUnit'); var totalField = document.getElementsByClassName('c
  2. Hi I notice whenever I use javascript within caspio datapage and do a preview, it seems to work. However when I save my datapage and have it deployed to my web environment, the script does not work at all. Anyone know why and how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.
  3. I tried to use ID (only based on 1 set of formula) var totalField = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1"); however it does not seem to work. The Virtual Param is I have is not cascading. It is a display only field per the javascript I copied from.
  4. Hi Hope someone can help me out here with my javascript problem. I have a submission form (which is multi-step form, 2nd page of a form which is now a update form) which is collecting information like project type, project name, description. It is cascading from project type -> project name -> description Because I can't do a cascading text area for "description". I have created a virtual text field for this value hoping to copy this into the "description" text area. I am having no luck with javscript which I have modify from what i found on this forum. Ca
  5. Hi I am stuck with javascript doing multiple calculations in same datapage. 1st javascript is calculation of unit cost, no of units and total (in local currency) 2nd javascript is convert local unit cost to USD based on cascading dropdown field 3rd javascript is using unit cost (in USD), no of units to derive total cost (in USD) the 1st javascript seems to be working. But when I add on 2nd javascript, only one value shows and in the wrong field. There is also no error appearing in the web console. Eg javascript 1 calculation
  6. I tried but what happen is now the bottom fields get line up in 1 row. Eg What I see on caspio form Brand Type: <text field> Type 1: <text field> Type 2: <text field>
  7. I use the below code in my caspio datapage under emails & destination as suggested by in the forum. It was working like a charm but suddenly now it does not work anymore. anyone can help with new code or why it is not working? <script> window.close(); window.onunload = function(){ window.opener.location.reload();} </script>
  8. Hi I used total & aggregation default function to calculation average score for table that has 12 months. The answer calculated has 6 decimal place but I want to have it round up. How do I fix this? There is nothing on the datapage round it up. Example (the actual calculation will give 2 decimal place in the below scenario. just for the purpose of illustrate, i have put in a dummy average value) Name Jan Feb Mar Name1 4.22 4.23 6.3 Name2 4.12 4.11
  9. I tried the padding, doesn't seem to do much. effect happens on cell width but it is hard to give 1 generic width to fill all scenarios.
  10. I have submission form and when i put label position = left. the field/form element (could be a textfield, dropdown etc) will appear to the far right. Example: Expected result I am looking for Brand Type: <text field> What I see on caspio form Brand Type: <text field> How do I reduce the spacing between label and form element? I don't know where in the style is controlling the spacing. I need the table or container to be 100% as my page is suppose to be responsive page. Can anyone help?
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