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  1. When displaying, click Edit beside Formatting. In pop upped Formatting Settings, Select Custom, then from the drop down menu choose what you want.
  2. I have a report page with Grid edit option and while in Grid Edit mode I would like to assign current date and time to "checkin_Time" field if "checkin" field is checked. Is it possible? I added some JavaScript code in the footer, but it seems never get called. Any help? Thanks.
  3. Problem solved by moving the script from footer to a HTML block.
  4. I have 2 forms. On submitting the 1st one, it continues to the 2nd one, and the 2nd one does auto submit using a script: if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none'; setTimeout('document.forms["caspioform"].submit()',2000); } several fields in the 2nd form are passed from the 1st form as external parameters. when I disable the auto submit script and do it manually, it works fine. But when I enable the auto submit script, I am getting an error from the 2nd form: "Values in one or more fields are invalid." and the submitting of 2nd form just going over and over. Despite of the error message, the 2nd form submission was actually successful. I can see all the fields are filled correctly in the table. I actually did the same thing before in another data page, but I couldn't tell what is different between them. It just doesn't work anymore. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. How to hide virtual check box label? I have this: document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").style.display="none"; But it only hides the check box. The label is still showing.
  6. It is possible to conditionally format a field in Gallery result page? For example, I want to display blank for an email field (or hide it) if it contains "xyz". Another example, I want to reformat phone number display from 3101234567 to 310-123-4567.
  7. A field used to search is from dropdown list which contains something like "- Select -" when nothing is selected. Is it possible to ignore it in the search criteria? In the Configure Search Fields page, you can configure to ignore the field in search criteria if it is left blank. Can the same thing be done for a special word?
  8. I have a field taken from a Dropdown. The source is a lookup table. From drop down I set "name" to Field for display and "email" to Field for value. Later on I need to use the string in the Field for display, e.g. use the "name" in the email. Is it possible?
  9. Thanks! More on this. How to remove from field the time and only show date?
  10. Is there a way to pre-fill a Date/Time field with today's date? I have a Date field that can be filled with today or other date, but most of the time will be today's date. If it can be pre-filled, people filling the form will save a step to select today's date from calendar pop up.
  11. I figured out a work around. Just to share to those who need to do the same thing. A text field that contains multiple email addresses can be used in the TO field in Acknowledgement email, but it CANNOT be used in Notification email. Strange enough, uh...? I have talked to many customer support guys and none of them could offer any help. I eventually figured out the work around myself :).
  12. I created a text field "email_list" in the form and set default value to "user1@gmail.com;user2@yahoo.com". Then in the notification email configuration, I put [@field:email_list] in the TO field. My hope is that an email is sent to the addresses in the email_list when the form is submitted. If only one email address is in the email_list field, it works. The email can be received. When putting more than one emails in the field, it doesn't work anymore. None of them receive the email. What could be wrong?
  13. Just tried and it does get passed to email when update the detailed page. But when doing bulk edit, it doesn't work. Is it by design? If dataPage fields are allowed to be passed to Ack email when doing bulk edit, why not the virtual fields? Doesn't make sense.
  14. I am having an issue to pass the value of a Virtual field to the email. To simplify, the issue can be reproduced as following: 1) create a table that contains a field of email address. Add an entry to the table with your email. 2) create a report for the table. add a virtual field Virtual1. add Virtual1 to the detail page. enable bulk edit 3) configure Acknowledgement email to send to the email address in the table record. add in email body to show Virtual1. It will be [@cbParamVirtual1] 4) Preview, when asked, put something in Virtual1 to simulate. In result page, select all, then edit, change something then Update. When you click Update, an email will be sent to all email address in the table. In detailed page, i can see Virtual1 shows the value I entered. But in the email I received, it shows empty where [@cbParamVirtual1] is. Is the virtual field supposed to be able to be passed to email?
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