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  1. I have a submission form where I have sections that are hidden based on the input of the user (if the user input is not as desired, an error message is displayed by unhiding a section). Users should not be able to submit the form when any section is showing, for this i intent to use event.preventDefault(). How can I do this in javascript? Any suggestion are welcome.
  2. Firstly, thanks for putting your time and effort in answering my question I think I did not explain my problem clear enough, so I will try again. In the app i'm making customers can book a seat for a movie or theater performance, for this I use 3 datapages. 1. A report page where customers can search for a genre, time or place. When they found their desired movie/theater performance they will go to the details page, here a hyperlink is displayed that brings them to the next datapage. Note: this is where i want the details of the movie to be saved in to the local storage.
  3. Thank you mathilda! Without the time and the correct format it is comparing the way I want. One problem less to worry about.
  4. The thing I'm trying to achieve is that users of my app can only plan a date after today, with "rules" I am able to display a message when a user selects a date before today with the date picker. I achieve this by hiding a section when the given date is ok (Input_date > Timestamp). But while it is not possible to prevent users from submitting the form when a condition is not met, I'm trying to find a solution in javascript. The problem that occurs is that the format differs, the inputfield of the user is DD-MM-YYYY and the timestamp i compare it with is MM/DD/YYYY. Strangely this is not a
  5. So I was exploring the functionalities of the localstorage function within javascript. I want to plass information between two webpages. When I save data from the results page and later call that information in a webform it works as desired. But, when i try to do so from a details page, it returns null everytime. I do the exact same thing in the details page as in the results page, but somehow the script does not get executed. In the footer of the details page i made a button: <script type="text/javascript"> function myFunction(){ localStorage.setItem('title','Example')
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