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  1. Excellent, that worked too. However, maybe I should have explained what I try to solve, which is still outta reach. I have external users, and need to limit the number of active datarow(s) they can create. So I thought of using a counter with the authorization fields and then to limit what can be seen when the count exceeds a limit. But, seems not so easy... But maybe you have another suggestion ?
  2. Hi Mathilda It works. Cheers. One additional question. Is it possible to update and store the value in an 'authorization field' instead of the datafield 'goods'. The datapage can retrieve parameter values of authorization fields as users are logged in. / Rasmus
  3. I have a datapage submission form which I need to make a counter based on an external parameter. Virtual2 receives an external parameter (authorization field) on loading. This works fine. Goods is a hidden field in the datapage. An updated value should be saved in this field on submission. The script goes like below, but it doesn’t work. Actually I cant get goods to receive and store any value. Please advise on solutions. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> Function calculate() { var number = parsefloat(document.getElementsByName('cbParamVirtual2')[0].value); var newnumber = number + 1; document.getElementById('InsertRecordgoods').value = newnumber; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit= calculate; </SCRIPT>
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