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  1. Please ask your question to the JavaScript forum: https://forums.caspio.com/forum/49-caspio-javascript-solutions/
  2. You can create a pre-defined criteria report DataPage with inline edit for the default values. This will allow the user to edit the default data for that one record.
  3. There is no easy solution but a workaround is to add a field in your address table to identify which records can be deleted and then create a report to filter out the records that should not be deleted. For example, in your address table add a field named Delete? as yes/no data type. Check all records for each provider except one record. Then in the report, you can use predefined criteria to show only records that can be deleted using the Delete? field as criteria. The results will only show records marked as delete.
  4. phenom94

    How to ignore accents in search criteria

    Here are a couple of forum articles that might help, Remove Special Characters and Is It Possible To Filter By Spain And English Characters?
  5. phenom94

    Big Data Analysis

    Is this related to Caspio?
  6. phenom94

    MuleSoft ESB Batch Transactions?

    Is this related to Caspio?
  7. phenom94

    Email Validation

    Please see this article:
  8. I'd like for some elements to be visible based on date. So, for instance, I'd like the calendar item to show a reschedule link if the date is not within 5 days of the appointment time. I'm not sure how to do this on the calendar view because there seems to be no way to use rules.
  9. Hi mda20, Try the code below and add it to the header of the Details page. As always, change the field names as needed: <script> window.onload= function() { if (document.getElementById("EditRecordComments").value.length>0) { document.getElementById("EditRecordYesNo").checked=true; } else if (document.getElementById("EditRecordComments").value.length==0) { document.getElementById("EditRecordYesNo").checked=false; } } </script>
  10. How can I have a checkbox automatically selected (checked) based on a logged in user's group? For example, after a user logs in, I want a checkbox checked automatically if he/she belongs to a particular group.
  11. phenom94

    How To Uncheck A Radio Button

    I tried the code above and it did not work. This worked for me. Add it to the footer: <script> var allRadios = document.getElementById("caspioform").elements; var booRadio; var x = 0; for(x = 0; x < allRadios.length; x++){ allRadios[x].onclick = function(){ if(booRadio == this){ this.checked = false; booRadio = null; }else{ booRadio = this; } }; } </script>