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  1. I have created a caspio database of ca 25 field one of which is an image field. I brough this into a Weebly website but the images did not come with it. How should I configure the caspio database so they will show up in the Weebly website?
  2. I have been able to embed the code for a caspio.com database into my Weebly website, except the images did not come with it. Like this is a caspio.com settings issue which I will ask there about. But in case someone on Weebly knows about this issue let me know.
  3. rhblackburn

    embed code

    Thank you,. I have done so and it worked, though it took sometime before the database showed up.
  4. rhblackburn

    embed code

    Exactly where do I embed the code in my website?
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