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  1. Breee

    PDF Download New Caspio Feature

    Thanks for the response. I have opened a support ticket. I'll update this thread when I receive feed back. Best, Breee
  2. Hi, I'm using the new Caspio PDF report download option. I'm noticing that my hidden columns show up on the PDF. Previously, I was using the Caspio PDF generator code provided by Caspio based on my account type and the hidden columns remained hidden. I tried placing the hide column JavaScript in the source code for the PDF configuration but that does not seem to work. Does anyone know how to hide columns on the tabular reports using the new PDF feature? I'm using the the data in the hidden columns for SQL calculation purposes but the end user does not need to see the raw math. As always, I appreciate the input. Thanks, Bre
  3. Breee

    Styling formats off after Caspio Update

    Good Morning, Is anyone else experiencing any tabular report styling issues since the new release? I was informed by support that my pages that use javascript might be conflicting with AJAX. I'm confused because they were perfectly fine prior to the release. Over the weekend I went through my entire application and found that there are styling glitches that are happening. For example, my bulk edit dialog displays on top of the tabular report. If the user decides to make addt'l updates it displays behind the report when selected a 2nd time. The z-index is set for this element so I'm not sure why the sudden changes to the display. I also have the group label issues mentioned above the col-span tag disappears, checkboxes not displaying, etc. I'm trying to determine if I'm the only one experiencing this. It's frustrating because everything has been working just fine for more than a year. Further, it's limiting the functionality of my application. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks. Bre
  4. Breee

    Authentication/Login Page Looping Issue

    Thanks Douvega I will try that to see if it works. I'm with you on the whole clear cache external user situation steveruehlen. This is my issue as well. I also experienced some styling issues with my reports so I'm afraid to touch anything at the moment. I have Caspio support assisting so I'm hoping that will also be resolved. Thank you both for your input. Bre.
  5. Hi, I use grouping on most of my tabular reports. I'm still actively working on my application so I may have to go back to already existing datapages for edits all the while creating new datapages. What I've noticed is that the grouping function for tabular reports use to display a col-span styling element that no longer exists post the Caspio Update. If I create new datapages or edit new ones my grouping is working in the likeness of standard column headers which defeats the purpose of having a grouping capability. In my pre Caspio Update existing datapages that have not been edited since the update the grouping headers span the entire column count as they should. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have over 150 datapages that use grouping in some capacity. As you can imagine, it's a lot of work. My reports do not look that great w/o the grouping function spanning the column count. Please see examples below. For example: Pre Caspio Update (Correct) - Test Group Header (Spans 3 Columns) Column 1 Colum 2 Colum3 Post Caspio Update (Incorrect) - Test Group Header (Spans Itself Only) Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Thanks. Bre
  6. Breee

    Authentication/Login Page Looping Issue

    Yes, I experienced this issue as well. It was resolved by clearing the cache and browser. Not the perfect fix but at least users can log-in.
  7. I am also trying to apply the same logic on a bulk edit webform I need the update button to hide conditionally. I need to hide the update button when CorpEOPIDGen is checked (yes) . I'm unable to call the bulk edit update button to hide it based on the checked logic above. This is what I have so far. <script> if (document.getElementById("EditRecordCorpEOPIDGen").checked){ document.getElementById("Mod0EditRecord").style.display="none"; } </script> ...also tried <script> if (document.getElementById("BulkEditCorpEOPIDGen").checked){ document.getElementById("Mod0EditRecord").style.display="none"; } </script> I've yet to successfully hide the update button on the bulk edit webform. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Breee

    Bulk Edit Redirect on Update

    Thank you so much DesiLogic! This works perfectly! Bre
  9. Hi Franchiser, I'll post a sample page is a few. In the meantime here are the end-user's steps. Ex: - Enter search criteria into Caspio Search Form - Search and Report displays 5 rows; calcfield value of each row is $20.00. - App Parameter (used is the header section of the report) includes a calcfield that shows the sum/grand total amount of the 5 rows displayed on the search and report $100.00 (5 rows at $20.00 each = $100.00). - End User changes the first row to $0.00 using the bulk edit update. - Search and Report displays $0.00 for the '1st' row and $20.00 each for the remaining '4' rows = $80.00 - App Parameter continues to show old grand total amount, $100.00, as if the bulk edit update did not occur. (Manually refreshing the page will display the updated grand total amount of $80.00) **It seems that the bulk edit update function does not apply to app parameters whose data might be affected when calcfields are being used in the app parameter. I'm trying to bypass having the end user manually refresh the page whenever an update is made to the report using the bulk edit. Is there a way to refresh a page after the bulk edit update button is clicked? Thanks so much for taking a look at my question. It is greatly appreciated. Bre
  10. Breee

    Bulk Edit Redirect on Update

    Hi Carlson, Thanks so much for the feedback. The update seems to have affected some of my scripts and my delete triggers. Grateful that you will be sharing your troubleshooting results with the community. Many Thanks! Bre
  11. Breee

    Bulk Edit Redirect on Update

    Hi. I've been using this script which was working perfectly through last week. Currently, it selects the checkboxes but now fails to select the bulk edit link. I'm not sure how to update the script to open the link. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks. Bre
  12. Hi, I'm using an app parameter on a search and report that displays calculated totals based on the end users search. The end user then has the ability to make changes (via the bulk edit) to the data displayed in the report. Once the bulk edit is submitted the data on the report refreshes fine; the app parameter does not refresh to show the changes made by the end user. The app parameter is being used to display grand totals. I can click the refresh in the browser which does update the app parameter. How do I get Caspio's app parameter to update when the report is updated without performing a manual browser refresh? Thanks, Bre
  13. Hi Roattw, I had similiar issues when starting out. Capio's calc fields have some limitations that I wasn't accustomed to. I reached out to support and was provided with the following guidelines for the use of SQL in Caspio's calc fields: Here what can be used in our calculated fields:- Any expression: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms190286.aspx- Any transact SQL function - https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms174318.aspx- CASE statement - https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms181765.aspx- SELECT returning scalar value: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189499.aspxYou cannot:- Define variables - Define functions- Use UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT clause. Hope this helps a little. Bre
  14. Hi, I have a trigger that has been functioning for well close to two months without issue. Suddenly, the trigger is failing to validate or push/delete information to the specified table. Upon review I'm now receiving this error message 2031 "Datasource field is invalid because it's name is absent" is a where clause. This is strange since no changes have been made to the trigger or the tables. The datasource fields are present which is why they are able to be selected. I tried to research the error but it seems to be general in nature. Also, the same datasource fields are being used in a where clause elsewhere in the same trigger without issue. Any direction that can be provided would be much appreciated. This is a MASTER trigger that provides the backbone of my application for all intensive purposes. Thanks, Bre
  15. Good Morning, I'm using a bulk edit on a tabular search and report. I've noticed that my Cascading drop-downs in the bulk edit show blank entries when there in no data for the filed being edited in it's own table. I have a view set-up to filter out blank entries in the table being used for value purposes; however unless the field has data in its own table it still shows a blank. I found the following code for standard drop downs but haven't found any information for cascading drop downs used in the bulk edit. Hoping someone can assist with code updates. All my attempts have been unsuccessful. Thanks...Bre <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- Function removeBlanksInDropdown searches for blank entries and removes all occurrences. It is advisable to use this script with the "Show distinct display options" checkbox checked in the dropdown configuration in the Caspio Bridge DataPage Wizard --> function removeBlanksInDropdown() { /* dropdown stores the value of the dropdown form element reference in the DataPage. */ var dropdown = document.getElementsByName("Value1_1"); for (var q = dropdown[0].length-1; q >= 0; q--) { if (dropdown[0].options[q].value == "") dropdown[0].remove(q); } } document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', removeBlanksInDropdown); </SCRIPT>