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  1. Hi,

    With the responsive gallery code ( on mobile), the results are confined to being separated by <tr>'s (or in some cases colspan="2") meaning that a field label can't be followed by it's value on the same line. I'm wondering if I hide the field label can I append the field label to the value using javascript?

    For instance:
    (as it exists)
    Booth #

    For instance:
    (as I'm trying to do)
    Booth # 34 <---- ("Booth #" label hidden in datapage but appended to beginning of value through code)




    Never mind! I figured it out :) No JS needed!

  2. Hi All,

    I'm trying to implement a data page report that pulls search results from 4 different tables (or categories). 

    For example, on my search page I need to have four different columns of radio buttons that someone can choose from in succession. The results of the 4 choices will result in a report after hitting the submit button. So basically all 4 categories need to be combined behind the scenes to produce the results.

    Like narrowing down search results based on criteria (Car Make>Car Style>Car Color>Car Engine) results in only cars that match all four selections.

    IMPORTANT - When I add new listings in the backend the above choices must be part of my "Add new listing" submission form.

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