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  1. I'm using the free plan and using authentication. I have a simple authentication set-up with email and a text field I call password, both of which I enter via the platform as app owner. When users first start the app and are about to enter their filters, there is a warning from Caspio that the plan is free and passwords should not be submitted. This is confusing to me and the users - can something be done? Thank you.
  2. I'm having trouble displaying a Google map on my Weebly site via Caspio's map mashup plugin. I believe I'm understanding and correctly following the relevant video and online help, but one specific issue is confusing me. It has to do with embedding the very first resulting embed code "before the main data-page code". I've done this two separate ways, both without success. First, I created two separate Weebly embed widgets and pasted the map code into the first (top) widget and the data-page code into the second (bottom) widget. And the second way was to add a single Weebly embed widget and paste the map code on top and the data-page code right below it. Bottom line is that I can't seem to display any map anywhere in the resulting app, and in my resulting table two columns are added with a large amount of html code. Any suggestions would be appreciated. UPDATE: I'm adding a picture which shows a possible problem. In a tutorial video there is a need mentioned to select certain advanced options as shown on the top. But in my app shown at the bottom those options do not appear so were not selected. What do you think is happening? Thanks agaibn.
  3. Sorry, just to confirm- If I add a data-page as a tabular report which DOES allow users to search, or a data-page as a combo tabular and chart which DOES allow users to search, will in both cases my account be charged for a single data page or two for the first scenario and three for the second?
  4. I cannot get this to work, so if someone can confirm that Caspio does not support such functionality, I'd be appreciative. I've got two search fields - state and city - both of which are populated from the main table with distinct values. State is required. When city is configured as a normal drop-down, I can configure it to allow "any" city relative to all cities in all states. When configured as a cascading drop-down, I appropriately must chose a single city from among those cities in the selected state. But what I cannot seem to do is to combine cascading cities with the "any" option -- i.e. I want the user to be able to select EITHER a single displayed city in the selected state OR "any city" in the selected state. Thank you. UPDATE: My mistake, this functionality does exist and works perfectly. Somehow my drop-down was losing the normal required settings to support "any". Sorry to trouble you!
  5. As a brand new user, can I please get feedback on two things. First, search and authentication forms each each count as a data page under a paid plan, but Google maps do not - is that correct? And second, I know that unlimited pre-published/pre-embedded data pages are allowed - but if a page is published for testing purposes, can it be unpublished and not be counted against the plan limit? Thank you.
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