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  1. Ok, now I have a column with year, is there a way to make three dropdown boxes on the same DataPage Element? Other question, I have a year column named YEAR in my imported excel data - e.g 1998 - and I want to input a date in my YEAR field like 27-12-1998, how can I make it recognize only the last part "1998" and seach through my year column? I'm getting errors like "27-12-1998 is not a valid number" and even if I change the DataType to Text it won't recognize either. Thanks.
  2. Hi there,I had this simulator created https://c3esh258.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=d5ad4000296a67c788fa46879a87 and the field "Idade 1º titular" reads an Excel cell that have number values of age from 18 to 80.How can I make "Data de Nascimento 1º titular" do the same thing - reading the age value from that Excel cell - but instead of inputing the age itself, doing so by inputing the date of birth?I would really appreciate any help.Regards,Rui Farinha
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