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  1. Does anyone have an update on getting this to work with Ajax? I've tried instructions below but can't seem to get it to work. Also how do I get the link to the jquery.signaturepad.min.js? Thanks,
  2. yes, that is my intention, but I also tried it opening the first form (order form) in a regular browser window, and still it didn't work.
  3. Hi, I am having trouble with this suggestion. I have a popup window for creating a new order. In the new order window, I have a dropdown field that has a lookup to my client list. I wanted to create an option that if the client is a new client, my users could click on a link next to that field, to fill out the new client information. And then have that new record pass back as a parameter to the the order window. But it doesn't pass back. Both pages are located in the same domain. This is the code in the new client datapage in the success message <script> var e
  4. I have a form that has two embedded forms (iframe datapage deployment) First subform is a submission form and the second a single record update form. I have a javascript function that is run by clicking on a button in the parent form that randomly selects a record whose parameters are then passed to both of the embedded forms. After the action is completed, I want to submit both of the embedded forms, without submitting or reloading the parent form, because the action can potentially be repeated. I have tried several options, but can't get the submit to work. Below is my javascr
  5. I'm creating an appointment request form but I've run into a problem I can't seem to figure out. I'm trying to figure out how to filter a dropdown/picklist based on multiple criteria. Criteria # 1 Office location. - Client selects an office location first, so I used it as the parent field of my cascading dropdown Criteria # 2 Is the date of the requested appointment (Date_Requested) the current date or date in the future Criteria # 3 If the date of the requested appointment is the current date, filter by appointment slots greater than 2 hours. The dropdown list is anot
  6. I have a form that has a tiered pricing structure. The three field affected are: (Lookup 1) a fee schedule (this is a lookup field to another table), (decision 1) a checkbox choice field (if they select that specific product, and check the box, it marks it as yes, otherwise the product is no) and (Price 1) a price field (this is a text box). What I want to happen, is that when the checkbox for a specific product is marked yes, the system will go to the table for the fee schedule, find the price for that item and input that value into my price text field. Does anyone have a suggestion how
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