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  1. I have a submission form with three virtual fields. Two of those three virtual fields are calculated values. I'm having an issue where if someone hits 'enter' or 'submit' before those virtual fields calculate, nothing happens. I need to ensure the two calculated value fields load before the form can be submitted. Can anyone help provide javascript to help? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks @Vitalikssssss. I was hoping to not use a table at all and instead, have a line of text. Is there another option? Thanks -
  3. I've created a chart that shows the number of records collected by week, but need to be able to change the week number on the axis to "Week of 2/17/20" instead of 8. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I'm looking to display totals or counts as text in HTML. Specifically, I'm running a sweepstakes and want to display the total number of entries. For instance: TOTAL NUMBER OF ENTRIES: 2,387 I know there's got to be an easy solution. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Yes - Adobe Muse. You were correct. I was able to edit the site CSS to be able to get it to appear. Thanks so much.
  6. I have a virtual checkbox setup on a data page, but the actual checkbox is not displaying. The text is there, and it's functioning (set to checked by default), but I can't get the box to appear. Please help! I've also tested it with radio buttons, and those don't show up either.
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