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  1. You are great May !!! But gosh I'm still lost. I'm thinking of trashing my Weebly site and going with WPress platform. I hate to do that, I'm very proficient with Weebly. Is there a video of where I can see how to do this ? Or is there any other 3rd Party companies that provide similar ? It's been a while, let me refresh you: I need the ability to link a target page from a postal zip code entry box on the home page. I want visitors to enter their zip code for like a Plumber or Electrician or whatever service they need and are then directed right to the page requested that has the Plumbers for their zip code area. There are more than one postal zip codes per trade. I assume I need to list all the zip code content on the Target page ? I do NOT want a search page results then to the page. I want a one step process. What is this process called I'm looking for ? And videos out there anywhere ?? TIA !
  2. THANKS MayMusic: Do you consider this an easy or harder for anyone not into coding ? Scale of 1 - 10
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    I simply want to place a box next to a listed service trade, on my home page, where a site visitor will enter his zip code and be directed to all the say, Plumbers in a particular zip code that we have a page in our site for . I do NOT want a search box, I have that now and it is a 2 step process. I'm looking for one simple process. Is this what Caspio can do ? Are there any video tutorials or instruction for this ? Advice plzz. THANKS ALL !
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