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  1. Thank you Mathilda, i will give it a try
  2. Hello, I have a database that is keeping attendance logs for students. The attendance table basically consist of student name, student ID, and date attended. I would like to pull up a list of all students and their last day that they attended (this would be the maximum date attended). I wish to only see the student's last day, not all the records for that student. so ultimately, my report would look like: John Jones 1/1/17 John Smith 3/12/17 Joe Smith 2/28/17 I cant seem to find anywhere to do this. Thank you in advance
  3. Hello, I am trying to use caspio tabs to show different datapages on each tab. I need to ability to limit what tabs are visible based on fields in a Authentication table. For example: I am using 3 tabs, Curriculum, Edit Curriculum, Manage curriculum categories. i have yes/no fields in the user table for all 3 tabs. So if a user does not have the fields "edit curriculum and Manage curr categories" as YES, then i want those 2 tabs to be hidden. I hope someone can help me with this. Thank you
  4. jsgarlata

    Iframe and ipads

    Hello, Has anyone else had issues with iframes displaying on certain iphones and ipads. My wife and I both have iphones and ipads, on my devices the iframes look fine, on her devices (ipad is newer than mine), iframes dont even display anything but "no records found". i am trying to have 1 datapage inserted into the header of another datapage. the main datapage gets a parameter in the search and passes it along to the datapage in the header. The only way i found to do this was to have an Iframe deployment of the datapage in the header. but it doesnt work on certain iphones and ipads. also, FYI , i need to do this because my website doesnt allow passing of parameters. I am using a wix website. any help would be great. thank you in advance
  5. great thanks for your reply. i didnt see that at first
  6. Hello All, I am trying to create a view that will show all records with a date equal or greater than today. I Select the fields I wish to have in the view, then went to criteria and selected the appropriate date field, greater than or equal to , selected date from dropdown, but the last field in criteria only allows me to enter an exact date. I would like the date to be "today" so each time I use the view, it will automatically remove anything before today. I have tried all that i can think of. I appreciate anyone's help, thank you in advance
  7. I did get it to work. It was an issue on where the files get saved on squarespace. Thank you
  8. Hello all, I see previous post regarding capturing a signature on a submission form. However I can not get it to work with squarespace. Has anyone been successful with doing this? Thank you
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