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  1. Looking for a way to display who has logged into the application Thanks
  2. Hi everyone Pretty new user here...I don't think Caspio can do this but I'll ask... I have an application I'm building where I have a settings table...This table has a flag field that is populated when a new user has set up their profile properly. Lets call the field: Profile_Parm1...which is a text 255 format...If the field is blank, its an indication that the new user has not done all the new user admin steps. I'm trying to create a form / process where this settings table is read (based on their authentication ID) and simply retrieves the parameter: Parm1Profile_Parm1...t
  3. New to Caspio - Here is my Issue Staying on a form to make multiple submissions...but would like a solution to see a pop up confirmation message..so that the user knows their submission worked Thanks!
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