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  1. Is there a way to show who is logged in

    thank you
  2. Looking for a way to display who has logged into the application Thanks
  3. Hi everyone Pretty new user here...I don't think Caspio can do this but I'll ask... I have an application I'm building where I have a settings table...This table has a flag field that is populated when a new user has set up their profile properly. Lets call the field: Profile_Parm1...which is a text 255 format...If the field is blank, its an indication that the new user has not done all the new user admin steps. I'm trying to create a form / process where this settings table is read (based on their authentication ID) and simply retrieves the parameter: Parm1Profile_Parm1...the goal to receive it, then pass it to the next form. Here is how the application will work: When a user tries to click on a link, (i.e. Add Item), I want to build a form to retrieve the parm first, then goto to the ADD ITEM html page if Profile_Parm1 is populated(i.e. Normal flow). If its blank, I want to use some java script to not only tell the user that they need to complete the new user process first, but I want to automatically reroute them to the settings page form (New User Flow). Is this even possible? Thanks everyone
  4. OMG Thank you Thank You Thank you works perfectly
  5. New to Caspio - Here is my Issue Staying on a form to make multiple submissions...but would like a solution to see a pop up confirmation that the user knows their submission worked Thanks!