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  1. Vitalikssssss

    One-To-Many Relationship for Sub ID

    Hi @kpcollier , Here is an example of the desired logic of Triggered action: Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  2. Vitalikssssss

    Passing Parameters with "&" character in the parameter name

    Hi @Harbinger , You can pass ampersand if you encode your String parameter. You may check the following topic for more information: Stackoverflow Regards, vitalikssssss
  3. Vitalikssssss

    Event registration

    Hi there, I have the events app. I would like to use the submission form to register event attendees. The submission form should be unavailable as soon as the number of attendees reached the limit per event. How can I do that? Thanks, vitalikssssss
  4. Hi there guys, How can I change the status of the event (open/close) based on the expiration date in Gallery report datapage? Thank you for looking into this question.
  5. Vitalikssssss

    Day of the week in table

    Hi @kvarjavand, Formula field doesn`t support Datepart(week) as far as I know. You need to use a workaround solution from this post: Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  6. Vitalikssssss

    JS for Ordering App

    Hi @kpcollier, Perhaps you can use Tabular Report with Inline insert option enabled in order to add items to the order. You will need to create a submission form to create an order and pass Order ID to the Tabular report Datapage which allows adding items to the order. Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  7. Vitalikssssss

    Hide and/or Show Document Icons

    Hi @Accountability, What is the datatype of these fields? Thanks, Vitalikssssss
  8. Vitalikssssss


    Hi @Apigh1969, You can store images in Caspio Table. You should add a "File" field to your table. Hope this helps. Regards, Vitalikssssss
  9. Vitalikssssss

    Bulk Edit

    Hi @Heather, You can only use the Bulk edit option for records which displayed on the page as far as I know. You may increase the number of records per page up to 999 records if it helps.
  10. Vitalikssssss

    Top and bottom scrollbar on report data page?

    Hi @roattw, You can implement the solution from this topic . 1. Disable AJAX loading of Datapage; 2. Place the following code into Datapage Header: <style> .wrapper1, .wrapper2 { width: 100%; overflow-x: scroll; overflow-y: hidden; } .wrapper1 { height: 20px; } .wrapper2 {} .div1 { height: 20px; } .div2 { overflow: none; } </style> <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.9.1.js"></script> <div class="wrapper1"> <div class="div1"></div> </div> <div class="wrapper2"> <div class="div2"> 3. Place the following code in Datapage Footer: </div> </div> <script> $(function () { $('.wrapper1').on('scroll', function (e) { $('.wrapper2').scrollLeft($('.wrapper1').scrollLeft()); }); $('.wrapper2').on('scroll', function (e) { $('.wrapper1').scrollLeft($('.wrapper2').scrollLeft()); }); }); $(window).on('load', function (e) { $('.div1').width($('table').width()); $('.div2').width($('table').width()); }); </script> Make sure that you disable HTML editor otherwise it breaks the code in the Header. Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  11. Vitalikssssss

    Date Calculation in Formula field

    Hi David, I think there is a misunderstanding on your end of Formula field functionality. Please note that you cannot write values in other fields with a Formula field. You would like to capture a Year part of "End_of_Project_Date" or "Doc_Creation_Date" conditionally as far as I understood. In this case you should try the following formula: CASE WHEN [@field:End_of_Project_Date]<[@field:Doc_Creation_Date] THEN Datepart(Year, [@field:End_of_Project_Date]) ELSE Datepart(Year, [@field:Doc_Creation_Date]) END Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  12. Hi @JoseM, I would suggest using Triggered action in order to achieve the desired functionality. You should have two fields to capture the date (Date inserted/Date updated) and also two fields which will capture owner/user id. Here is an example of Trigger:
  13. Vitalikssssss

    Making A Chart

    Hi @kpcollier, I can say that your "Contractor_ID" field has 1,017,901 records with blank (Null) value based on the output of your chart, so you would definitely need to check your source View. Please send me a copy of your View in private message, so I could look deeper. It is hard to help with building charts without seeing actual data. Regards, vitalikssssss
  14. Vitalikssssss

    Date Calculation in Formula field

    hi @Corpcat, Please note that you use Dateadd() function wrong. This function can produce a new date which results from the addition of the specified number to datepart. Here is an example of the expression which adds one year: CASE WHEN [@field:End_of_Project_Date]<[@field:Doc_Creation_Date] THEN Dateadd(Year,[@field:End_of_Project_Date],1) ELSE Dateadd(Year,[@field:Doc_Creation_Date], 1) END Please let us know the business logic of formula expression, so we could help. Regards, vitalikssssss
  15. The issue was in Round function which actually accepts only one parameter and rounds the number to the nearest integer. The correct script should look like following: <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', function (event) { var v1 = document.getElementById("EditRecordlab_fee").value; var v2 = document.getElementById("EditRecordc_discount").value; var v3 = document.getElementById("EditRecordcredit_charge").value; var v4 = v2 + v3 - v1; document.getElementById("EditRecordTotalFee").value = Math.round(v4 * 100) / 100; }); </script>