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  1. Restrict Search Fields and Data

    Hello wdandrews, You can use conditional rules in order to hide search fields based on user authentication information. You may also use record-level security feature to restrict an access to the search result records based on user role. Hope this helps.
  2. Hello roattw, You should disable Caspio HTML editor in order to avoid this issue. Hope this helps.
  3. File uploads not saving

    Hi everyone, I would like to share an alternative solution for the described issue. My solution will validate a required field via custom JS i.o. Caspio standard "required" field check. Please put following snippet of code into the Footer of your Submission Form. Make sure that you have disabled the HTML editor before inserted the JS code. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function check_required() { var field1 = document.getElementById("InsertRecord_YOUR_REQUIRED_FIELD#1").value; var field2 = document.getElementById("InsertRecord_YOUR_REQUIRED_FIELD#2").value; var emptyFields = false; if (field1.length < 1) emptyFields = true; if (field2.length < 1) emptyFields = true; if (emptyFields) { alert("Required fields are empty."); return false; } } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=check_required; </SCRIPT> Hope this helps.
  4. Pick "Time of Day" to fill TIME field?

    Hi Sudesh, It looks to me that you have used Data/Time data type. You should use Text(255) datatype for the field in question. Hope this helps.
  5. How to set Date field automatically to default tomorrow's date?

    Hi ChrisGoode, I would suggest using Criteria to resolve your case. Set the Comparison Type of the new criteria #1 to Today and criteria #2 to Next X days (specify the value 1). The field data type must be Date/Time. You may find more in this article: Regards, vitalikssssss
  6. Localization for Button "File" Field

    Hello Esraaa, This localization setup is normally provided by the browser. You can try to customize the look with JS/CSS. This topic should be useful: labeling-file-upload-button . Hope this helps.
  7. How to set Date field automatically to default tomorrow's date?

    Hello ChrisGoode, Have you tried to use Formula field with DataAdd() function? You may find more in this following articles: Hope this helps.
  8. Use text and number in same field?

    Hello dangkhoa, I would suggest using Text(255) data type for the field in question. You can use Formula field to separate text from the number in order to perform the calculation. Please find some useful links below: Hope this helps.
  9. Transpose the table in a Results Page

    Hello NeoInJS, Perhaps you can try to replicate the desired layout with Pivot table. Hope this helps.
  10. Import into List String

    Hello Nick, You can use Caspio special data type called List-String which support multiselection with predefined choices. Here is the link to Howto article: Data-types/list You may use REST/SOAP API Caspio functionality to update/import the data in Caspio from an external source. Here is the link: Web-services-api You may also consider using Zapier to simplify the integration development. Here is the link: Integration/zapier Hope this helps.
  11. Timestamp using Java

    Hello dongtac, Have you considered to use Timestamp data type within your table? You can define date formatting in field advanced section in Datapage wizard: Hope this helps.
  12. creating multiple tables rather than a huge database

    Hi Newgoblin49, You can create a relational database in Caspio. You may find more details here: Hope this helps.
  13. Run script onload and onchange?

    Hello mdav20, I would suggest creating the separate function, so you could call this function with a different event "onload". Hope this helps.
  14. Timestamp as numeric string

    Hi Rmorr, I have created following Javascript which will replace unnecessary elements from Timestamp value and concatenate modified value with a predefined prefix "WO-". You should have a Virtual field which will receive Timestamp parameter on page load. <script> function Replace(){ var a = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecord_____Yourfield").value='WO-'+a.replace(/\/|:|\s+/g, ''); } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=Replace; </script> Please paste this script into Footer of your Submission Form. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi NikkiC, This topic should help to resolve your issue. Regards, Vitalikssssss