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  1. Hi @Medron, You can find a list of all available REST API methods in Swagger. More information available in this article: https://howto.caspio.com/web-services-api/rest-api/swagger-ui/ Regards, vitalikssssss
  2. Hi @cbaker10, You would need to use separate tables: Table 1 for courses with assigned teachers Table 2 for enrollments These tables should have a one-to-many relationship. For your report, you should use Table 1 and Calculated field with SQL expression if you would like to display a count of enrollments from Table 2. Alternatively, you can use your existing View and Collapsible Group of records by teacher name. Here is the link to an article about : https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/advanced-reporting/data-grouping/ Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  3. Hi @georgep, You can try using the following code: <div id="icon"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { if ('[@field:XXXX]' != '') { document.getElementById("icon").innerHTML='<a href="[@field:XXXX]" target="_blank"> <img src="../resources/File_icon_INS.png" alt="Files" height="40" width="40" /></a>'; } }); </script> Hope this helps.
  4. Hi @janetflorence, I have experienced the same issue too. I doubt that you could get a detailed description within current feature set of Caspio Bridge. We should bring this to the attention of Caspio Product Team. Please vote in Caspio Idea Box for the feature enhancement: http://ideabox.caspio.com/forums/164206-caspio-bridge/suggestions/7688223-describe-upload-errors Thanks, @vitalikssssss
  5. Hello @roattw, You can place following CSS into Datapage Header in order to place the form in the center of a web-page. <style> table { margin: 0 auto ; } </style> Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  6. Hi @jeffs88keys , I would suggest taking a look at Tabular Report Datapage with Inline insert option enabled if you would like to add multiple items by single Datapage. https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/data-editing-options-in-reports/ Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  7. Hi @faile486, You can use Cascading Dropdown form element in order to automatically populate dropdown options based on the previous selection of user. You may find more details in the following article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/cascading-elements/ Regards, vitalikssssss
  8. Hi @DesiLogi, You can define formatting settings for a particular field in order to over-write Datapage localization settings. Hope this screenshot helps: Regards, @Vitalikssssss
  9. Hi @NeoInJS , I was able to create validation check for Inline edit with jquery. You should wrap your fields in div with ID. Also, you need to disable ajax on your report and paste the following script in the footer. You can use following code as an example. Header <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <div id="cbform-improvement"> Footer: </div> <script> $("#cbform-improvement #Mod0InlineEdit").click(function(e){ window.alert("check"); if(document.getElementsByName("InlineEditHours")[0].value > 100) { window.alert("save!"); } else if (document.getElementsByName("InlineEditHours")[0].value > 1000) { window.alert("do not save!"); return false; } else { window.alert("do not save!"); return false; } }); </script> Hope this helps. Regards, @Vitalikssssss
  10. Hello @MLaya, Please make sure that you have encoded Authorization header parameter "Client_ID:Client_Secret" in Base64 format. Hope this helps. @Vitalikssssss
  11. Hi @geoffdude, I believe that you have an issue with Javascript since Datapage URL link has changed after 10.0 Caspio Release. You can try to use the following script: <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { window.open('[@cbBridgeServer]/dp/[@app:Public_Gallery_DP_AppKey]?category=[@category]&author=[@author]','_parent'); }); </script> Hope this helps. Regards, @Vitalikssssss
  12. Hi @pgjacob, You can create a custom formula within a single aggregation field in order to sum values from two fields. Here is an example: Hope this helps.
  13. Hi @AussieCaspio, You can create a View which will filter your table with promotion based on start and end date. Here is an example of filter: This article might be useful: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/what-are-views/creating-a-view-to-filter-data/ Regards, vitalikssssss
  14. Hi roattw, You should place each report within single CB in Squarespace and paste the script from the article below Datapages deploy code. This should resolve the issue. Regards, @Vitalikssssss
  15. Hi emarchewka, You can create a Tabular Report Datapage based Table B and add Calculated fields with SQL expression which will sum scores from Table A. Here is an example of SQL expression to sum values from score table: SELECT SUM(Score) FROM Table_A WHERE Company_ID = target.[@field:Company_ID] AND Reporting_Period = target.[@field:Reporting_Period] You can find more information about Calculated field SQL usage in this article. Regards, @Vitalikssssss
  16. Hi JEllington, Have you tried to disable a Search again link in Datapage wizard?
  17. Hi TippyTV2018, I can suggest creating a View based on UserTips2 table in order to filter records based on current month. You can reference the View in your SQL query in order to aggregate total of itemamount for the user. The following syntax can be used to reference a view: _v_viewname Here is an example of SQL query: SELECT Sum(My_table_Sales) FROM _v_Current_month WHERE My_table_Sale_rep = target.[@field:Sales_rep]
  18. Hi roattw, What kind of datapage do you use and what kind of form element have you assigned to the field in which you would like to display default value? This code works fine for submission form with default value assigned to a dropdown. <script type="text/javascript"> function f_default(){ document.getElementById("InsertRecordField_name").value = "Default"; } document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { f_default(); }); </script> Hope this helps.
  19. Hi Bill, Have you tried adding criteria to your date field? This article shows how you can use criteria in order to filter date field by range: https://howto.caspio.com/faq/reports-datapages/how-to-add-today-to-after-now-or-next-x-days-criteria/ Hope this helps.
  20. Hi Corey, There is a standard feature in Caspio called "Conditional Rules" which allows you to create collapsible sections without Javascript. Here is an article and video: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/conditional-forms/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_Ivf-oqiQg Hope this helps.
  21. Hi renpar218, You should place Cond-C /Cond-D /Cond-E within the OR block to resolve the issue. Please refer to attached screenshot for further information: Regards, @Vitalikssssss
  22. Hi Carlson, You can create desired formula field expression if you convert field datatype to varchar text type. Here is an example: CASE WHEN Len(CAST ([@field:File_field] AS varchar)) > 1 THEN 'Not empty' ELSE 'Empty' END Hope this helps. Regards, Vitalikssssss
  23. Hi jnordstrand, Make sure that you have disabled HTML editor before inserting URL link to the details page. https://howto.caspio.com/faq/caspio-bridge-8-4/inserting-code-in-html-blocks-and-header-footer/ Hope this helps.
  24. Hi PdeVIT, You can put Javascript with regex expression in the Footer of the datapage. This topic explains how you can reference various datapage form elements in Javascript. https://forums.caspio.com/forum/49-caspio-javascript-solutions/ Also, do not forget to disable HTML editor before pasting the code: https://howto.caspio.com/faq/caspio-bridge-8-4/inserting-code-in-html-blocks-and-header-footer/ Regards, vitalikssssss
  25. Hi MHDslagelse, Please note that Datepart(week) function is not supported in Formula field because it is non- deterministic. You may use the workaround described in this post . Regards, vitalikssssss
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