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  1. Hi nuimage, I do not beliave that this is possible. Perhaps you may take a look at method described on Howto: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-limit-the-number-of-submissions/ Hope this helps.
  2. Hi MattFL, I guess that is a system security restriction which you will not be able to overcome. http://howto.caspio.com/integration/web-services-api/rest-api/special-considerations/ You may try to authenticate the user based on another field type.
  3. Hi MyNameIsSean, How you considerate to implement an email verification process as described in this HowTo article: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/tech-tip-how-to-validate-a-user-email-address/ It should be much easier. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi McNamara, You may try to change attributes in class ".cbFormFile" in order to adjust the spacing. Hope this helps.
  5. Hello nuimage, Please note that @calcfield2 will have value after page load as per your described workflow, hence. I would suggest having two Datapages (Report&Single record update form) to replicate your workflow. On your Report Datapage you can place a link in HTML block to Single record update form and pass @calcfield2 value as a query string. Parameters-as-query-string-values Hope this helps.
  6. Hi Bill, I would suggest using Formula field in the table instead of the Calculated field. Formula-fields You may use "CASE" statement to create records correction logic in formula field. Create a Report with predefined filtering criteria based on formula field in order to display only records which need a correction. Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  7. Hi Craig, Note that then you select a parameter in the email set-up it uses "value" and not display value. I am afraid that you cannot reference "display value". You need to have Virtual field with form element "Cascading TextField" selected. This element will filter the records in Job_Table by job number and pickup the job name. Please use method like in this article if you do not want to display Virtual field on form. Hope this helps.
  8. Hello telepet, I would suggest changing the number of "Rows to display" value (by default it has 5 rows) in the Advanced tab of Listbox setup.
  9. Hi roattw, You can concatenate several fields in single value with Formula field: Formula-fields Hope this helps.
  10. Hi cigarprofiler, You can retrieve the brand name by using Cascading elements.Cascading element will filter the brand table by value in the virtual field (brand_id). Here is a link to the tutorial article: Cascading-elements Hope this helps
  11. Hi mikeg, Your syntax to store a value in the variable is incorrect. You should reference Field value by id to assign the value to a variable: var a = parseFloat(document.getElementById("EditRecordArea1_Sq_Ft").value); Check this post for more information js-perform-a-calculation-on-values-entered-in-a-webform
  12. Hi mikeg, I assume that you are using "Single record update" form in your case and you have initial values already stored in a table, am I correct? If so it seems like field value marked as "NaN" does not have any value stored. Please describe how do you retrieve the values such as [@field:Area1_Sq_Ft] ? This code will not work since you have not defined IsNull function between <Script> tags however, it will work in Caspio Calculated/Formula fields since this type of fields has isNull function defined.
  13. Hi mdav20, Your thought is going in the right direction. I would suggest having a table to store the data about installation/removal of tires. You can place a Formula field datatype to calculate hrs difference between hrs "installed" and "removed". Here is a link to Formula field article: Data-types/formula-fields You can use Pivot table report or Tabular Report (with grouping by tire_ID ) to calculate total hrs in use for each tire. Pivot-table Data_grouping
  14. Hi cigarprofiler, I would suggest passing brand ID parameter from "brand" upon submission of new brand to "line" submission form. "Line" submission form can have hidden field Brand_ID which will receive parameter on load. Here is some useful links on parameter passing: Passing-parameters Receiving-parameters
  15. Hi Golfedad, I would suggest to use JS that redirects the user based on check performed on one of Authentication field. Below you may find sample code which I have used previously: <button onclick="myFunction()">Add Item </button> <script type="text/javascript"> function myFunction() { var cb_text = '[@authfield: Profile_Parm1]'; if (cb_text == 'Admin') { window.location = "URL_1"; } else { window.location = "URL_2"; } } </script> You may place above code in Header/Footer/HTML block of Datapage. Please make sure that you disable HTML editor.
  16. Hi Andrew, You can edit Style associated with Datapage. You need to edit Style attributes for the following classes: .cbFormAuthLabelCell .cbFormAuthTable .cbFormAuthFieldCell
  17. JS code snippet below will copy value from one criteria field to another:
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