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  1. Hi cigarprofiler, I would suggest passing brand ID parameter from "brand" upon submission of new brand to "line" submission form. "Line" submission form can have hidden field Brand_ID which will receive parameter on load. Here is some useful links on parameter passing: Passing-parameters Receiving-parameters
  2. Hi Golfedad, I would suggest to use JS that redirects the user based on check performed on one of Authentication field. Below you may find sample code which I have used previously: <button onclick="myFunction()">Add Item </button> <script type="text/javascript"> function myFunction() { var cb_text = '[@authfield: Profile_Parm1]'; if (cb_text == 'Admin') { window.location = "URL_1"; } else { window.location = "URL_2"; } } </script> You may place above code in Header/Footer/HTML block of Datapage. Please make sure that yo
  3. Hi Andrew, You can edit Style associated with Datapage. You need to edit Style attributes for the following classes: .cbFormAuthLabelCell .cbFormAuthTable .cbFormAuthFieldCell
  4. JS code snippet below will copy value from one criteria field to another:
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