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  1. Hi @roattw,

    I do not think there is a way to add a prefix First_Last_Name to the uploaded file. 

    I have found a similar request on Caspio IdeaBox: 164206, so you can vote for implementing such a feature in one of the upcoming releases.

    If you allow your users to upload files with authenticated DP (Submission/Report) then you can capture user ID in a hidden field.

    Hope this helps.



  2. Hi @kpcollier,

    I have seen similar behavior on Caspio Ready Made App called Resource scheduling.


    Login in as a member, perform a simple search and you will see a Tabular Report with "Reserve this Item" button which performs similar logic.

    I believe you need the following items in order to create similarly flow within your app:

    1. Single record update form with default elements hidden by CSS.

    2. Embed this DP in the HTML block of the report by using the Iframe deployment method.

    I need to mention that DP performance might decrease if you have a lot of records on Result set (e.g. 250 per page).

    Hope this helps.




  3. Hi @roattw,

    It is not necessary to use SQL to count a number of times a checkbox was checked.

    It is hard to imagine how your table design looks like, so I can provide you with general tips.

    You can check the Total & Aggregation field available in Tabular report to create desired output:


    You may also consider using Pivot table in order to get an aggregated count:


    One of the reasons why I chosen Caspio over the Knack is the ability to store an unlimited number of records in the table, and easier customization of styles. 

    You can post on Caspio Idea Box if you have some ideas on how to make Caspio better from a user perspective. 

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. share an example of your table if you need more detailed guideline with aggregate expression.  




  4. I have tweaked the formula provided by @MayMusic further since some time I need zero in front of single-digit hour e.g. 7:00.

    So, for the total&aggeration field it looks like this:

    WHEN LEN(CAST ((SUM(DATEDIFF(SECOND, [@field:Start_time], [@field:End_time]))/3600) AS VARCHAR(6))) < 2 
    THEN '0'+ CAST ((SUM(DATEDIFF(SECOND, [@field:Start_time], [@field:Hora_fin]))/3600) AS VARCHAR(6))
    ELSE CAST ((SUM(DATEDIFF(SECOND, [@field:Start_time], [@field:Hora_fin]))/3600) AS VARCHAR(6))
    WHEN LEN(CAST ((SUM(DATEDIFF(SECOND, [@field:Start_time], [@field:Hora_fin]))%3600/60) AS VARCHAR(6))) < 2 
    THEN '0'+ CAST ((SUM(DATEDIFF(SECOND, [@field:Start_time], [@field:Hora_fin]))%3600/60) AS VARCHAR(6))
    ELSE CAST ((SUM(DATEDIFF(SECOND, [@field:Start_time], [@field:Hora_fin]))%3600/60) AS VARCHAR(6))

    Hope it would help someone.




  5. Hi @eetimm,

    Please note that below syntax in SQL query is incorrect because it is treated as a single string value:

    18 hours ago, eetimm said:

    "'8426' or cert='7506'"

    How do you store data in the field "search_alpha"? 

    It would help if you could provide us with more insights on how this field is generated and what is the desired output of the Trigger.



  6. Hi there,
    How can I create a chart using just values from table fields but not the count/sum functions?
    My result set is 1 row and I want to show values on a chart.
    If value is blank - I don't want to show it on the chart.
    Any help will be appreciated.
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