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  1. Hi Psquare1, Are Company_1, Company_2 and Company_3 separate fields in both tables? Can you please provide some more detail on this part: " however Employer_3 + Employer_1 without matching zip + Employer_2 without matcing zip, will not show any data. " Thank you, Ariel
  2. Hi Roattw, Can you check if the table has data in that field? Ariel
  3. Hi dspolyglot, Please check if you can apply either solution from this post: Ariel
  4. Hi Nightowl, You can create one HTML Block for increment button and another one for decrement. Place both HTML Blocks below the field that you will be using the buttons for. In Advanced Settings of the Field enable "Continue next element on the same line" checkbox. In Advanced Settings of the HTML Block1 enable "Continue next element on the same line" checkbox. Use the following script in Increment HTML Block: <input type="button" onclick="incrementValue()" value="↑" > <script> function incrementValue() { var value = parseInt(document.getElementById('Ins
  5. I think it would be probably better to have a link with parameters back to the submission form in the Destination and Triggers, "Display Message" area, like this: Your submission was successful.<a href="https://c0ebl246.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=7c243000cfcaf3e1ebd04a21b9dd&name=[@field:Item_Name]&color=[@field:Color]&size=[@field:Size]">Click here to submit another order</a> Then in the Submission Form, go to Configure Fields screen and receive external parameters in the Advanced Tab for every field that is expected to have repetitive value, like [@name
  6. Hi Beccs, You can create a multi-step form as described here: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/how-to-create-a-multi-page-form/ Hope this helps. Ariel
  7. Hi Adam, You could add a new field "Date_filter" of Formula data type to your table and use the following function: Dateadd(hour,24,[@field:timestamp]) Replace [@field:timestamp] with the name of your field that holds date/time of original submission. In the pre-defined criteria report, on Select Filtering Fields screen, move "Date_filter" to Selected Fields area. On the Configure Filtering Fields screen click on the "Date_filter" field and choose "Before Now" as comparison type. Hope this helps. Ariel
  8. Perhaps you could have a Lookup table that would list the default values for each vendor. For example: Vendor Size Color Sharpy 150 Blue PenHQ 3000 Multi On your submission form you can make the Vendor to be a drop down and use the Lookup table to pull up the options. You can them make the rest of the fields be Cascading Text Boxes and pull up data using the same Lookup table. This way when user selects Sharpy for the Vendor, the Size field will show "150" and Color will show "Blue" automatically. Ariel
  9. Hi Ray, you can apply some reverse logic to set up this Rule since there's no Show option in Caspio. For example If FieldName1 Not Equal to "ABC" then make FieldName2 Hidden This would essentially be the same as If FieldName1 Equals to "ABC" then SHOW FieldName2 To be able to use the field more than once in the Actions you need to put it into a separate section. You can then refer once to the Field and once to the Section that holds it (so 2 Actions) Hope this helps. Ariel.
  10. Hi Satch, You can set up default values for the fields that likely stay intact most of the time. If necessary, the user will be able to overwrite these values. To set a default value for the field, click on it, then switch to Advanced Tab and enable "Receive parameters" check box. Choose "Default Value" from the drop down and enter your default value. Hope this helps. Ariel
  11. Hi Satch, This article uses Embed deployment (without iFrames) for tabbed interface: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/create-tabbed-navigation-for-multiple-datapages/ Ariel
  12. Hi Leigh, you can try to use this query in your calculated field: SELECT CAST(DATEDIFF(YEAR,'[@field:DOB]',GETDATE()) AS VARCHAR(10)) + '.' + CAST(DATEDIFF(MONTH,'[@field:DOB]',GETDATE())-(DATEDIFF(YEAR,'[@field:DOB]',GETDATE())*12) AS VARCHAR(10)) AS Age I reference [@field:DOB] as my birthdays are saved in that field. You would need to replace every instance of [@field:DOB] with your field name parameter using picker tool. I found this query on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30048923/how-to-calculate-age-from-date-of-birth-in-years-months-format Ariel
  13. Hi Chuck, you may want to look into Conditional Forms: http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/conditional-forms/ Ariel
  14. Hi EIQ, you can use Formula Field feature to create a field that would save the data from both First Name and Last Name fields. This article has an example: http://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/data-types/formula-fields/ You can then use the formula field as field for Display and for Value in the drop down.
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