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  1. Thanks ezlQchad, I have been trying to attempt this today but I can't seem to get it to recognise my dates when I enter them in the rules. I must have something set wrong. For example in one of the Rules I have created, I have: ________________________________ Criteria Start_Date greater than or equal '03/01/2017' Actions Make Section 6 disabled ________________________________ When I go to try this in the preview, it disables section 6 when I select any day equal or above the 3rd day in any month from the calendar pop up. It appears to ignore month
  2. Hi, I have a submission form I am working on for employees to submit holiday. It has a "Start_Date" and an "End_Date" field selected by calendar. What I would like to happen is when they pick a start date the entry is checked and an error message submitted for any of the following criteria The Start Date entered is: 1. Before todays date 2. Before the most recent 1st March 3. After the next 1st March If it is impossible or extremely hard to get it to recognise the last or the next March I am happy to update annually if I have to with a fixed date "01/03/2016"
  3. Hi, I'm new to Caspio but I have created a pivot table that displays the data I want but I'm having trouble sorting it in the order I want it to display. I can interactively sort it easily enough in the preview but I cant get it to load in this order by default. I am trying to sort by a calculated field that displays percentage, I want the lowest at the top. Any way I can get this done with script or am I missing something even easier?
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