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  1. Hi, the images are on our webserver in public repositories. Thanks!
  2. Hi Vitalikssssss, great if you wanna help! Actually showing the image from the url after filling the inputfield. Like in the attached picture. Thanks Satch
  3. Thanks for this tip. It is however not even possible to make a form for me with an inputfield and an image under it. All the examplkes I have tried are just different, work with subpages etc, etc. If someone has an example I would be very thankful
  4. Sometimes you have those days nothing will work. This is one of them....;) I think I try too difficult. Looking for a simple form with an input field. In this inputfield i put an item nr. When entered it should display the image by creating a link like: http://images.company.nl/@@@@/########.jpg At the place of the @@@@ should be the 4 left characters of the inputfield. The ### is the total inputfield. So for example: in inputfield 123456789 display the image from url: http://images.company.nl/1234/123456789.jpg Hope somebody can create/help me wi
  5. Hi, I have a portal where users can add items. Now the only possibility is to send a notification email after every record. Is there a way to send an email after all the work is done. Even better: I have created a report with the additions nicely printed. Would be better to send that as an email to the email in authenticationform + our own email address Help is greatly appreciated
  6. Dived a bit more in debugging this. Have put in the script: console.log(volume); console.log(length); When the page loads, volume has value of null After populating the length, width or height fields, the value of volume doesn't change.... Will the console be refreshed after I fill in the fields? It seems the addEventListener doesn't work?
  7. Hi MayMusic, In the console it only gives a warning about: mixed content (requesting an insecure image over https0 Another thing. I have placed the script in the footer. And also tried it in a separate HTML block. Same results however. Does that matter where it's placed? This is the script as I read it in the console now: // Caspio form elements var length = document.getElementById('InsertRecordOP_Length'); var width = document.getElementById('InsertRecordOP_Width'); var height = document.getElementById('InsertRecordOP_He
  8. I'm not seeing the config page as in the screenshot. There's where you can set which fields are possible for bulk editI
  9. 1 of the page settings is which fields should be shown in the bulk edit. I'm not behind Caspio now, but if you follow the different screens you'll find it when you setup your datareport
  10. Hi Aurora, tried this also but didn't work I have put this script as last in the footer: type="text/javascript"> // Caspio form elements var length = document.getElementById('InsertRecordOP_Length'); var width = document.getElementById('InsertRecordOP_Width'); var height = document.getElementById('InsertRecordOP_Height'); var volume = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual2"); // Event handler var calculateVolume = function (event) { // TODO: Do something on value change --> volume = length.value *
  11. You can set the search type in the 2nd screen. You can set this to: Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria. Then "Allow parammeters in search criteria - bridge parameters only. Also check restrict record based on user identity. Inn next screen you use the field which holds the value from the authentication table. In next screen configure the field and you're all set
  12. Hi, I'l looking for a way to calculate a field after 3 fields are entered. The fields are: OP_Length, OP_Width, OP_Height. I put a virtual field on the form, named Virtual2, label Volume Calculated, display only Volume = length * width * height Searching here i came to the following, but cannot get it to work. Is that because the Virtual field is not referenced to with the right parameter: getElementsByClassName('cbFormData')[0]; ? <script type="text/javascript"> // Caspio form elements var length = document.getElementById('InsertRecordOP_L
  13. Ahh, didn't know you had more fields in that section. You could fix that with making a section per field. It's a workaround, I admit. But it works.
  14. Great Ariel, with this I can safely prefill the itemscreen with values. Thanks a lot!
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