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  1. Thanks for the above post. I have seen this solution in a few posts now. My problem is that my table has several 'pages' to it, and when I move to another page, the formatting does not carry over, so the columns become visible again. Any solutions for having this apply to all pages in the table when there are too many records to display all on one page?
  2. I have the following code in the footer and it produces a button on the bottom of my results page that works to redirect the user to another url. <script type="text/javascript"> if(!document.getElementById("norecord")) { document.write('<button onclick=document.location.href="https://www.myirlog.com/logbook/new-record-entry">No, Really, I want to add a new record</button>'); } </script> However, when I put that same code inside of an HTML block, it does not work: <script type="text/javascript"> if('[@field:participant_1_name]' != '[@authfield:Name]' && '[@field:participant_2_name]' != '[@authfield:Name]' && '[@field:participant_3_name]' != '[@authfield:Name]' ) { if('[@field:participant_2_name]' == '' || '[@field:participant_3_name]' == '' ) { document.write('<button onclick=document.location.href="https://www.google.com">take me away</button>'); } } </script> The buttons appear in both locations, but only the footer button works, when the in-line button (the one coded in the HTML block) is clicked, the whole page just refreshes instead of going to google.
  3. I asked Caspio the same question, and used their message app here in the forums as an example. They used a third party to create the app you have here, not their own software. I looked into several, and myBB seems like a pretty good choice although I haven't started to try and integrate it into my website or with caspio yet. Let us know if you find a good service that integrates well.
  4. Hi, My current code is: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function update() { var p2 = document.getElementById("cpParamVirtual10").value; document.getElementByName("cpParamVirtual4")[0].value=p2; } document.getElementByID('caspioform').onload=update; <SCRIPT> and I have it deployed in the footer of a submission form however it is not working. Virtual10 is a hidden field that loads with a passed parameter . Virtual4 is a cascading dropdown ( and on exit passed the parameter that virtual10 loads). I want to set the cascading dropdown to the value it was when the form was submitted the last time instead of resetting itself every time. Thanks for the help.
  5. Did anyone find an answer to the Cascading Dropdowns being reset when the submit button is clicked? I have the same problem and have not found the solution yet. Thanks.
  6. I have a chart that is filtered by a submission page passing virtual parameters. Depending on the parameters, the 'count' may be zero for a certain value. Is there a way to display a count of zero on a bar chart (or any type of chart for that matter)? When the chart automatically adjust to the number of bars displayed it messes up their width, size and color scheme. I want the colors representing the people to stay the same, not change just because a person who is usually represented in the middle of the bar chart has a count of zero for that chart.
  7. I have a chart that displays data based on a submission form to filter my data. When a person selects a combination that returns no data, is there a way to hide the charts and instead display text saying "There are no records for this search criteria" instead of just displaying blank charts? Thanks
  8. I need the same solution, so far unable to figure it out. Thanks.
  9. I am trying to show a pie chart of the sex of the entries by the logged in user. As they enter data, one of the datafields is the individuals sex, I want the user to see how many of their entries are male or female, but I also want them to be able to select the length of time, past week, past month, past year or all records. As soon as I make the search criteria 'X previous days' it makes it hidden and won't let me create radio buttons or a dropdown with the various options. Is there a way to have pre defined criteria for displaying graphed data?
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