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  1. I have resolved this by putting the code in an HTML block: <script> if ("[@field:Primary_Client]" == "Yes") { document.write("<a href='https://c3afw034.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=appkeyhere&Household_ID=[@field:Household_ID]'>Pantry</a>"); } else { document.write(" "); } </script>
  2. Hello, I have very little Java experience and am relatively new to Caspio. I have read through all the postings on this forum and have tried as much as I can. My problem is this: I need to display a link on a line of a tabular report results page based on the value of a field in the line. Description: The line consists of information about members in a family. The family can have any number of members. One of the members is the primary member and that is indicated by a value of 'Yes' in a checkbox stored in the database. I want only the primary member to have the li
  3. Thank you VERY much. This works perfectly!!
  4. I need to be able to pass a calculated field from a tabular report datapage to a submit datapage thru a link. The calculated field is 'Age'. it is calculated using the following: SELECT CAST(DATEDIFF(YEAR,'[@field:Date_Of_Birth]',GETDATE()) AS VARCHAR(10)) + ',' + CAST(DATEDIFF(MONTH,'[@field:Date_Of_Birth]',GETDATE())-(DATEDIFF(YEAR,'[@field:Date_Of_BIrth]',GETDATE())*12) AS VARCHAR(10)) AS Age I am passing other fields from the report to the submit page, but can't figure out how to pass the calculated field. Thank you! Leigh
  5. Thank you VERY much. This is exactly what I was looking for!
  6. I would like to calculate age as years and months and display the result in a field in tabular report. I can already display just the age in years, or just the age in months in fields, but I don't want to see 438 months as a persons age as an example. I want to display both together as years,months. How can I do this? Thanks
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