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  1. That's what I was missing, THANK YOU! I am now able to perform the bulk edit.
  2. Here are the pages, and I have added it on for Bulk edit...(see attached) Any suggestions....
  3. Hi, thank you for responding, this would work great but I added it to my edit fields but the Bulk Edit doesn't display this field in the pop-up window which would allow me to do the bulk edit. How can I get this field to show in the Pop-Up window for the Bulk Edit?
  4. I currently have a tbl_membership table, with data currently in it over 2,000 records. I added a new column in my table and now I need to populate it with all the same content "2016 DB Update". How can I do this so that all my 2,000 plus records are update with this new column?
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