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  1. Hi Mathilda, After working and adding code, I figured out that: 1- The HTML block with the code is adding 1 column. 2- It's not possible to have 2 HTML blocks. => It means that on 1 DataPage, we CAN'T color more than 1 field/Column. I would like to color several fields/columns depending on values. For example, I would I have several columns like: Name, Sex, Age, Income and to color the text of 1 cell depending on the conditions. Please see below my code : <div id="mydiv[@field:Agent_ID#]"> </div> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> if ("[@field:Agent_Sex]" == "M"){ document.getElementById("mydiv[@field:Agent_ID#]").innerHTML ="<span style='color:blue;'> [@field:Agent_Sex] </span>"; } else{ document.getElementById("mydiv[@field:Agent_ID#]").innerHTML ="<span style='color:pink;'> [@field:Agent_Sex] </span>"; } </SCRIPT> I would like a code that DO NOT add a column or if I can have several checks on several columns. Is it possible to create a code in footer or in the wordpresspage? Thanks Dorian
  2. Thanks, it works perfectly. Great topic, it should actually be in the How to do section.
  3. Hi, I tried your code in a HTML Block: <div id="mydiv[@field:Agent_ID#]"> </div> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> if ("[@field:Agent_Name]" == "Jason"){ document.getElementById("mydiv[@field:Agent_ID#]").innerHTML ="<span style='color:blue;'> [@field:Agent_Name] </span>"; } else{ document.getElementById("mydiv[@field:Agent_ID#]").innerHTML ="[@field:Agent_Name]"; When I do a preview, I can see the code above with IDs. But not the name in blue. Please find attached a screenshot of the preview page. Thanks Dorian
  4. Hello Mathilda, I have the same issue on my website (http://k2t.twinsummits.com) I have some ugly lines around the elements. I have "Grow Pro" theme. I also haven't .entry-content table and it seems that it's not just on the tables. Thanks Dorian
  5. Hello, I changed the parameters (font, style, size and so on) of 1 default style (Caspian). But I would like to RESET my modifications as it doesn't seem good. It has been saved. Is it possible to RESET my modifications and to come back to the original settings? There is a RESET button/ink but it's for the current session. Thanks Dorian
  6. Hello, I have a date field (Date1). I would like to compute difference between Date1 and Today() in DAYS and to store the result (DiffDate1) If Date1<Today() Then 0 Else DiffDate1 = Date1-Today() Every day, at midnight, the calculation needs to be recomputed. Caspio provides the following example that doesn't work: Datediff(day,GetUTCDate(),[@field:Date1])
  7. Also, If I have 1000 properties, I would like to run this SQL syntax for each row and to save the RENT amount in the property table.
  8. Hi MayMusic, Thanks for your answer. Where in the Datapages can I add the SQL syntax. I haven't found yet anything in the Caspio Documentation about that. Once I know where to add the sql syntax, it should be easy. Thanks Dorian
  9. Yes, all these tables are joined. Thanks for your answers (both topics) Dorian
  10. Hello, I have 5 tables with 5 different dates. If Today is between 2 of them, then I need to return a string (Status). How can i parse 5 tables and to figure out between which dates is Today and to return a string. Thanks Dorian
  11. Hello. I have 2 tables: "Property" and "Lease". 1 property can have N leases. 1 lease have a Start and End dates and also a lease amount. I woud like to return the current lease (Lease ID and the lease amount) For example, there are 2 leases: (1) Jan 1st 2012 to December 31st 2014 for $1000 per month (2) Jan 1st 2015 to December 31st 2017 for $1100 per month Today is November 9th 2016. So at the date of today the lease to return is lease #2 and $1100 for the lease amount. How is it possible to return a row and some data depending of criteria? Datapages? Views? Pivot tables? Thanks Dorian
  12. Hello, I have 2 tables named "property" and "Rent" joined with Rent.PropertyID and Property_ID 1 property can have multiple rents. Property Table: Property_ID; Property_Address Rent Table: Rent_ID; Property_ID; Rent_Amount If I create a Tabular form, I will see for example in the result page: Rent_ID = 1; Property_ID = 1; Rent _Amount = $1000. I will be able to delete, edit and add. But I will see Property_ID =1 and not the Property_Address. For a final user "1"doesn't mean anything. So, I create a VIEW with the tables "Property" and "Rent". I can see the property Address in the result page. However it's impossible to Edit, Add or Delete. Is there a solution to edit at least (to change the rent_amount or the property address if it has been inserted by mistake)? Thanks
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