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  1. Great idea with having several update buttons and putting the fields for images at the end of the form. I actually thought of this too but I didn't have the code for creating an additional button, so thanks for that! The ideal solution is a multi-step workflow and to be perfectly honest this is what I'll do in the end. For now I'm trying to stay at the $59/month plan until I have proof of concept on my business idea. I'm already at 5 datapages so I'm trying to squeak by without extra datapages for now. Thanks again, your advice is much appreciated!
  2. Hello, I have a single record update data page with multiple input fields including image upload. If all required fields are properly filled in, image uploads work fine. However, if a single required field is not filled in, then the image upload fails. Is there any way to make the image upload work even if the required fields are not properly filled in? This way a user doesn't have to re-upload several images in order to fix one mistake in a different field. Thanks!
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