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  1. I am trying to update a Caspio record when a Jotform is submitted. The fields I want to update are set to "On load receive External Parameters" I also tried with a query string. What is the correct syntax / configuration to update a Caspio DataPage. Thanks RAW BODY of the Jotform submission submission_id=361691119141111846&formID=70283317424957&ip=
  2. Im tryng to import from Google Drive. I authorized Caspio. Now, what do I need to do to get the directory / and file name ? I tried numerous thing with shareable URL, adding permission, just the name or the file ID. None seems to work. Can you detail how make it work ? Thanks
  3. When a DataPage needing authentication is targeted I want the user to be redirected to /login.html when NOT authentificated. I used the code from step 2 in this thread, Is something missing ?
  4. I think a piece of code is missing. At the end of Step 1 it says: "Put at the header".... What do I need to put at the header ? If im targeting a page that needs authentication, there's no redirection to /login.htm. Thanks
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