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  1. I recently set up a virtual field so that my search bar would search across multiple fields. Now, I want to add some drop down boxes to help eliminate some results. For instance, this database includes scholarship information for students. I want them to be able to type a keyword that will be searched across the entire table. Let's say they type "Astronaut." The Astronaut Scholarship will appear. But let's say this student is not a US Citizen and can't apply as a result. I want to insert a drop down box (which corresponds to a citizenship field I have in the table) that would search Astronaut across the entire table, but remove anything that didn't also meet the citizenship requirements. Is it possible to do this? The online chat support person said I would have to do a virtual field, but because I have a free account, couldn't give me more information (understandably).
  2. Hi! It ended up being more complicated than I thought, but I got it to work
  3. Hello all! I have a table in which I need to list the citizenship requirements for particular jobs/grants. I wanted to do a drop down list in which someone could select US Citizen and all opportunities available to US Citizens would be available. The issue, however, is that some grants are open to US Citizens, Nationals, and Permanent Residents. As all this information is listed in the table under "Citizenship," it lists the following in the drop box: US Citizen US Citizen Permanent Resident US Citizen Permanent Resident Foreign National No Requirements How can I fix this? I thought about giving each its own column, but that didn't seem to work, as I'd then have to have multiple drop downs.
  4. On my table, I have a header titled "tags." I wanted to change the title to "Keyword." I edited the table on Caspio and changed the field name to match. While this updated correctly, the two datapages pulling from this table did not update to match (they still show "tags" instead of Keyword). Any idea how to fix this?
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