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  1. Hi, I have 200 + DataPages in my Caspio Account. I moved them from one caspio account to another using Import / Export feature. Everything worked fine, but all the DataPages are now Deployed = Disabled in the destination . Is there a way to quickly deploy all the DataPages at once? Thanks.
  2. I'm getting a system error when I delete Relationships. See Attached. The Relationship seems to be removed after refreshing the screen, but why i'm I getting the error? Error, System error <<OK>> with no other information.
  3. Thank you for the quick response May, I wish deleting would be just as quick. I tried deleting the table, but is says that I can't (After 15 minutes) because of the relationships. I'm deleting the relationships now but it is painfully slow. Why is it so slow or impossible to delete objects in caspio?
  4. I created a copy of my App that has over 200 data Pages, when I try to delete the copy it does not work. It is also very slow.
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