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  1. How To Pass Browser Parameter Into An Iframe

    Hi, I tried this but it doesn't work. My form disappeared and nothing was displayed on the screen. I used the above code in my webpage that had the embedded Caspio datapage which was displaying the Caspio form. What do you use for the URL? Is it the target URL of my Web page? Thanks.
  2. Calling datapage from another directly

    Thank you that works.
  3. Calling datapage from another directly

    Hello, I want to call a chart datapage from a report datapage. I am currently doing that successfully. I am embedding the http call in the report datapage footer. No problem there. What I would like to do further is to call this embedded chart app without getting prompted by a 'Search' button but call it with one parameter passed in from the report datapage to the http call of the chart datapage. Is this possible to do? Thanks.
  4. Question to anyone who may has encountered this or who is able to suggest a workaround. When a Caspio Table column is a text(64000) column that has data in HTML format is being displayed in a Search and Report as such, it is causing issues. (I selected the Tabular output for Search and Report.) The issues are with tabular display unrelated to this data, on a web page. This HTML data from the Header portion of Configure Results...DataPage Elements section is displaying correctly but causing the tabular display that is part of the search and Report to be broken in the webpage. The tabular display is showing data that contains header and contents completely stripped and unformatted. i.e., only text stripped from the tabular format is being displayed (as in 2nd attachment). In this case I am trying to display a set of values in the results of the Search and Report datapage in a tabular format and the formatting is being affected. If I change the formatting from HTML to String in the header, the table format is fine and gives me the nice table header display with contents. (as in 1st attachment). Of course, this isn't ideal again because now the HTML is displayed in the browser with all the markups and tags as is. Please let me know. Thank you.
  5. Adding newline into text fields

    I kind of figured this out. You do this by storing the Caspio Table column in HTML format itself, but is inherently a text datatype field. This will enable you to format the text as is. Then you can display it in the Search and Report results as HTML (not the default) and it will be displayed as formatted for the most part. However, there is an issue. This HTML display format messed up unrelated data that is displayed on the webpage formatted as a table and stripped it out. I see my resultant table simply displayed as a line without any of the surrounding table formatting. Any clue why this may be happening?
  6. Adding newline into text fields

    Do the table fields take line breaks? I am interested in doing that in the Table not header field.
  7. Is there a way to WYSIWYG the column contents in text fields. I have a text field that is defined as a text(64000) but cannot seem to render it correctly formatted along with newline. I tried various ways but it displays the newline character like '\n' as is. I am mainly trying to split contents into 2-3 different paragraphs but it shows up as a single long paragraph. It is for the Header field in the Search and Report results. I understand that we can use HTML Blocks for the rest. Thanks in advance for your suggestions or solutions.
  8. Hi, The Search and Report datapage has only one choice now to add a new variable for the results and that one is HTML Block. Any reason I am not seeing calculated field, Virtual field etc. Other datapages seem to be fine. See screenshot below. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. Result Pages Customization

    This is an older thread but I have the question as to how I can create a popup from a URL in Caspio. I have a Search and Report type of a datapage that has an option to add a URL link in 'Configure Results Page Fields'. Is there a way to generate a popup from this URL in the webpage where this is embedded? In the above link for popup windows customization it is not clear what needs to be done where. It wasn't helpful.
  10. Parameters that are set based on image/button clicked

    Could someone help with this? Is there a workaround? Thanks
  11. Passing parameters from outside website not working

    Mathilda, I am using Wix site builder. I believe it was working at one point but it is not consistent. I am using an image on Wix as a link, so when the user clicks on the image an http request is generated. I just appended caspio specific parameters to the end per the instructions to call the Caspio web form. Is there any other way to get around the iFrame issue as a second option? But I would like to first make this option work. It should work as a Query String as Caspio describes. Thanks.
  12. I followed the Caspio instructions to change the html request to pass in the parameters but it does not seem to work. I am trying to capture them using the Web form as external parameters. I have double checked it over and it is exactly as in the instructions for passing Query parameters in Caspio. Is the Web form capable of handling external parameters from HTML? If I click on a link on Wix and call the Web form this should be straightforward. It should be able to capture the parameters but it doesn't seem to work. Can someone please help? Thanks
  13. I am trying to integrate Wix with Caspio. In this case, specifically calling a datapage that I defined, by clicking on an image on a Wix website I am building. The Caspio datapages can read external or system parameters that are set but I could not find a way or workaround to set extra parameters to the request that goes out when an image is clicked. Suppose I have 3 images on my site that call the same caspio datapage when clicked. How do I set parameters based on which image is clicked and read them as external or bridge parameters (or anything I can access) to do processing differently in that datapage based on these parameters. So for example, if image Apple is clicked, one or two (one is good for now) parameters should be set to 'Apple' and 'Red' for the datapage that is called and for the datapage to be able to read these settings. Similarly if an Orange is clicked the two parameters set will be 'Orange' and 'orange' etc. Is there any other way to differentiate to tell me which image was clicked, as a workaround. Any suggestions or solution is appreciated. Thanks!