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  1. Hi Ariel, Yes, Company_1, Company_2, Company_3 are separate fields on both tables. As an example for the second part, "John (customer) is purchasing a widget. A similar widget is offered by three stores, whom all have multiple locations. John's question would need to go to any of the three stores he has requested information from, and to the closest location to John, of the selected store(s)."
  2. I'm finally breaking down and asking if someone can assist me in getting a new page to refresh from an html login. I have a login page, we will call page.com/login, that contains the embed html login page. When I login, instead of taking me to a new page, page.com/client-home, it places the redirect page inside the login frame. Attached is the before login and after login views.
  3. Thanks in advance for any assistance. I am trying to get results based off employer and location. Here is an example: Table 1 (Company): Employer_1, Employer_2, or Employer_3. Location is Business_Zip Table 2 (Customer): Employer_1, Employer_2, or Employer_3. Location is Customer_Zip When submitting a request form, the customer can request an answer from Employer_1, Employer_2, and/or Employer_3. The request will go to the Company with the matching zip (IE: Business_Zip = Customer_Zip) Here's where I'm stuck. I need to create a workflow that directs the ques
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