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  1. Hi all, Sorry, I know this is a very old topic, but I tried to follow ezIQchad code, but I have some questions about it, because mine is not working. These were my steps 1) created a HTML datapage in caspio and added the code: <div id="loggedInTestDiv">Hi</div> 2) I created a page in Divi (my theme) and put there a "Divi code module" that calls the login datapage above and also the other datapage I want to show only if the user is logged in. (For test purposes I removed the display:none from the code) <div id="loggedInTestPage"> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://c3bkr431.caspio.com/dp/ae7e40008cfca8cb29f54162918a/net"></script> </div> <div id="asia"> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://c3bkr431.caspio.com/dp/ae7e40008cfca8cb29f54162918a/net"></script> </div> 3) Added the Javascript in the same module so I end up with only one moude with all the code (I kept the variable names for tests purposes): <div id="loggedInTestPage"> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://c3bkr431.caspio.com/dp/ae7e40008cfca8cb29f54162918a/net"></script> </div> <div id="asia"> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://c3bkr431.caspio.com/dp/ae7e40008cfca8cb29f54162918a/net"></script> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var mySideBar = document.getElementById('sideBar'); var myTestElem = document.getElementById('loggedInTestDiv'); if (myTestElem == null) { //user not logged in mySideBar.style.display = 'none'; } else { //user logged in mySideBar.style.display = 'inline'; } </script>
  2. I think I can do this using rest API. But I have no programming and caspio api help is useless as they don't have a step by step for me to learn how to use the API. I was able to authenticate using a chrome rest client extension. but then, what do I do? where do I put the code in wordpress? how do I call it? how do I code it? there are no examples for dummies there. thank you for any help
  3. Hi, All. As Wordpress and Caspio supports Open ID, can I create a single Sign on page? Where the users will login only once and be logged on both wordpress and caspio? If yes, how can I achieve this? Thank You, Daniel
  4. Hi Gurus, I have a business directory with several datapages deployed in Wordpress 5.23. I was wondering if I can get the wordpress user that is logged in and save it to a table. When a user of my business directory want to add some articles to his company information, I want to match the user in wordpress with the user in caspio. I think I can do that with Javascript. Or not? after that, when I display the company information, I want to display also the wordpress posts related to that company, so I need to retrieve the wordpress user name and add to the shortcode of the plugin that shows the posts. Thank you for any help. Daniel.
  5. Hi @D3Melb, After using the formula I get 1_1. and because I want to concatenate NUMBER,STRING,NUMBER, I have to use CAST to convert both numbers to string.
  6. Sure. here is a screenshot: Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, so I guess there is no way to do that, right? thank you anyway.
  8. Hi Kristina, Thank you for answering, but it didn't work. I modified the code that shows the address to: and put the code in the footer as stated in the link you sent: But the datapage still shows the empty field "State": Any other suggestions? thank you.
  9. Hi Gurus, I have this business directory working in Wordpress + Avada Theme. Now we are moving to DIVI theme and some things are not working. I have this tabular report that shows all the offices for the specific company that was select. In the "Search and Report Wizard - Configure Results Page Fields" part I have this javascript to hide the fields that are blank: <script> if("[@field:Address]".length > 0){ document.write('<strong>Address:</strong> [@field:Address]<br />') } if("[@field:City]".length > 0){ document.write('<strong>City:</strong> [@field:City] ') } if("[@field:State]".length > 0){ document.write('<strong>State:</strong> [@field:State] ') } if("[@field:ZIP]".length > 0){ document.write('<strong>ZIP:</strong> [@field:ZIP]<br />') } if("[@field:Country]".length > 0){ document.write('<strong>Country:</strong> [@field:Country]') } </script> it works very nice in AVADA: but it's not working in DIVI: I also tried also this technique: but no success again. Can someone help? thank you very much for any clues.
  10. Ok, so I was able to create a HTML block on my datapage like this: <script> var myNewURL = "[@field:Company_ID]";//the new URL window.history.pushState({}, document.title, "/" + myNewURL + "/" ); </script> but this is not a valid URL. I cannot copy and paste it on another browser or share this URL. Is there something like Linkedin, where I have: https://example.com/company/3267/ as a working URL and if I copy and paste this URL I will go to the right page? Thank you
  11. Thank you kpcollier, I think that is exactly what I want. But, how do I implement that in caspio? HTML block on my details page? inside <script></script>? Thank you.
  12. Hi Gurus, I have a business directory and I dynamically create a company's page passing the company ID as a parameter like this: https://example.com/company/?Company_ID=3267. I would like my URL to shows like a company's page in LINKEDIN: https://example.com/company/3267/, hiding the "?Company_ID=" from my details page. is that possible? thank you Daniel
  13. Hi kpcollier, sorry, but I have that option only for the first form where you choose the region and country: we don't have for the results: Thank you.
  14. Sure. here it goes. Companies: offices: Thank you.
  15. HI Dear Gurus, I have 2 tables. Companies and Companies_Offices. They are related by company ID. I did a form where I select the region and the country and the result will be all companies in that country (only region is required). I joined the 2 tables in a view with company_name,the Logo, country and region: If I select north america as the region and USA as the country, this is the result: and here is my problem. if the company has more then 1 office in the country, it appears several times. but I just want to list one. is there a way to do that? Thank you Daniel
  16. Hi, I tried the formula field and it worked perfectly. This is my formula: Cast([@field:Company_Rel_ID] as varchar) + '_' + Cast([@field:Category_Rel_ID] as varchar) Thank you so much for your help. Daniel
  17. Great. Thank you for the suggestions. I will try today and let you know what happened. Daniel.
  18. Hi again, I tried your suggestion creating a new datapage with the same type of your example. I didn't work either as you can see by the screenshot. I don't think you can concatenate integer+string+integer. Thank you for any suggestions. Daniel
  19. Sorry guys, but I don't have that option, as you can see by the screenshot attached. also, I remember trying this before with another datapage and I couldn't pass the verify part. Are you sure I can concatenate integer with string. I don't think I can. Thank you.
  20. Hi, I have 1 table with 3 fields: - company_id (integer) - category_id (integer) - Unique_identifier (text): I want to concatenate company_id value with _ (underscore) with category_id value. I followed the instructions here: but with no success. I would like some light on my problem. My code in the datapage is: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function concatenate() { var cat = document.getElementById("EditRecordcategory_rel_id").value; var company = document.getElementById("EditRecordcompany_rel_id").value; var unique = company + "_" + cat; document.getElementById("EditRecordUnique_Identifier").value = unique; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=concatenate; </SCRIPT> I replaced the insertRecord for EditRecord because the above document says: Search and Report DataPage, replace the prefix "InsertRecord" with "EditRecord" in the code. but the code is not in the details page. I put the script in the footer of my "Search and Report Wizard - Configure Results Page Fields". any help would be great. attache there is a screenshot of the page: thank you.
  21. Sorry, But I don't get it. If I do that, I will not have the progress bar anymore. I want the progress bar to be there while sending the data to the table, but it needs to disappear when I show the message "your submission" was successful. Best, Daniel
  22. HI Gurus, I used the JS auto-submit article: The problem is that the progress bar, doesn't disappear after submission.In my datapage, I'm using "display a message" for "Destination after record submit:". So, when the message is displayed, I would like the progress bar to disappear. Is it possible? thank very much for any help.
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