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  1. Tables require mm/dd format.
  2. I created Spreadsheet Prototype Screenshot to understand. It looks like you would like to show FacebookLink if FacebookField has data . Neal NealPatil @ gmx.com
  3. I have created screenshots prototype. Please let me know if it shows your requirements. Vendor1 record is shown where there is deal with Customer.(V1=>C3) Vendor1 records are shown where there is no deal with Customers.(V1=>C1 and V1=>C2) Vendor1 has deal with Customer3. 3 tables are required for the above requirement. Thanks, Neal NealPatil @ gmx.com
  4. You need to combine And with condition or with condition I am attaching valid view criteria . If you get the dialog to use auto-correct - it means your criteria is not set up properly. Setup your criteria as found in the attached image and provide feedback. It should work. Neal NealPatil @ gmx.com
  5. http://forums.caspio.com/index.php?/profile/21085-jsgarlata/ also uses wix as mentioned in and might be able to help your needs regarding integration of caspio with wix. Thanks, Neal NealPatil @ gmx.com
  6. I am trying to understand your application. In Wix you would like to get the following confirmation dialog. Then search results are displayed based upon last name. Then user clicks View-Certificate link and certificate appears. All of the above is done while being in Wix, but in the background Caspio is used to store certificate holders, certificates etc. Let me know if above data setup is being used by your application. Thanks, Neal NealPatil @ gmx.com
  7. I am trying to understand your data. You have customers. You have Companies. If customer orders for customerzip=12345 from employers e1,e2,e3 then request will go to employers e1, and e2 with matching zip code = 12345 Request will not go to e3 because zip is not matching If customer orders for customerzip = 12341 from employers e1,e2,e3 then request will go to all three e1,e2,e3 because there is matching businesszip=12341=customerzip=12341 Let me know if this is the setup of your data. Thanks, Neal NealPatil @ gmx.com
  8. +1 for TexterVaid for explanation of 1ToMany or ManyToMany relationship between advisors and clients. I will describe both 1ToMany and ManyToMany with explanation of data you are managing. My Earlier answer and spreadsheet prototypes were using 1ToMany relationship. One Advisor has many clients but a client can only have one advisor. 1ToMany relationship is simpler compared to ManyToMany relationship. ------------------------------------------------- ManyToMany relationship is more complex but it gives you all options so you do not need to change your
  9. Following data is required to be managed as in attached images of spreadsheet prototype. Financial Advisors Clients Investments of Clients It will provide simple overview of data. ------------------------------- Security should be implemented : Admin should have access to all the data Financial Advisors should have access to their client data. Financial advisor will not have access to the data of other financial advisors. Client should have access to the data for self and should not have access to any other client ----------------------------
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