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  1. I tried AppyPie and this have these issues: 1) You can't open a file from the database. 2) And worst of all: Apple is no longer allowing this kind of app builder deploy apps directly on app store. So you'll need to use workarounds to deploy apps outside the apple app store.
  2. Thanks Vitalikssss, but I really need to validate if the drop-down is empty. The logic will not allow a "Any" option.
  3. Hi I need to add a button that will redirect to a specific page on a HTML form This button must be visible or not visible based on a condition from an authentication field I created the html form and added this code: <script> if("[@authfield:User_Role]" == "Manager") { ---> Add a code here that will show a button that will redirect to a page } </script> Can someone send me an example code that I can place between the brackets? I tried several options but nothing works.
  4. On a submission form that add records to table A. I have a field that uses a dropdown control that lookup values from table B. My problem is that if table B is empty the submission form won't work well. So, how can a raise an alert on this submission form to inform the user that he first needs to add values to table B? It's something that before the user submits anything, the system will identify that the lookup table is empty and raise an alert. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi, I have a tabular report that list my users. One of the fields identify who is active and who is blocked. I want to show an padlock icon on the row of every blocked user. I mean: when the field [@field:Usuarios_Ativo^] value is "no". This is a "yes/no" field type I think that should be easy, but I am really struggling to make this work with my limited java skills. Many thanks Caspio minds!
  6. Caspio minds I have a Tabular report and want to add a button that once the user clicks it will pass information from the tabular report and insert in another table. I saw an example where someone put an insert sql statement on a tabular report that would add values as parameters to another table. But I can't find this example. Any help will be appeciated
  7. Caspio minds I have an app that has a javascript validation in the footer of a submission form. It basically prevents someone from making reservations on previous dates. It's something like: if (newdate < newtoday ) { alert("Choose a future date."); } It works fine. However, I just found out that after 3 consecutives tries, the alert message box will come up with a checkbox with this option: "prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" If the user choose to prevent addtional dialogs, this system will bypass my code, and the user will be able to make reservations on past dates. Is there anyway to prevent the alert function to allow users avoiding dialogs? I also tried document.getElementById('msg').innerHTML instead the alert function but it really does not work well. I am using Wordpress and Firefox. Any help will be higly appreciated.
  8. Caspio minds How can I use a report form to select an item from a table, and after the item is selected I save it as a foreign key on another table? For example, imagine two tables: Users and Cars. A user wants to buy a car. So I use a report form to show the items from Cars table. Once the user selects the car he wants, the app will save the CarId on the User table.
  9. Hi. How can I show an image from an autentication field on a HTML datapage? I want to show a company's logo after they log in a SaaS app I'm building. So I keep this image on an autentication field and want to show on an HTML datapage that I'm using as the reader for several webpages of the application. Thank you!
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