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  1. I do not need to save the info only display it with cascading autocomplete. But it needs to be on the Submission Form. I need to display in multiple lines (carrage return) so it looks like this: Address: 1234 something Road Billing Addess: 2334 somewhere parkway Suite 33 Phone: (555)-555-5555 I would like to display it in HTML however a text filed or text area would work I've tried a creating a formula field that combines the account information to display in a single filed but a carrage return, +CHAR(13) , is not working in a cascading text field.
  2. I have a Submit form where I select a client account in a dropdown and it displays the account info in fields below via cascading auto complete. Instead of using a dropdown and fields, can I instead load/display the table data (account info) in an HTML block using parameters? or any other way?
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