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  1. That got me on the right track. I was not fully understanding how the parameters worked. Everything is working as I need it to now, thanks!
  2. I am trying to setup a cascading dropdown that has a parent on a previously accessed datapage. So 2 datapages (A & B ).....When A is completed it goes to B. A has a dropdown that selects a team name (based on a view) . B has a dropdown that should list player numbers that are on the team selected in the dropdown on datapage A. This works just fine if I have both dropdowns on the same datapage, but I need it to work over 2 datapages. Is there a way to set a Cascading element's parent to something from a different datapage? Perhaps by a parameter?
  3. Just getting started with Caspio and am stumped. I have 2 DataPages that I am using on the same webpage that creates a 'Game'. A Game consists of a team, players and various statistics. One of the forms allows the user to create a new game and select a team from a dropdown that is populated from a view consisting of player names with various info like the team they are on and their player number. The second DataPage is were the stats get entered. On there is a drop down to display player numbers. I use the player number to link the stats to the player. What I need it to do is update the p
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