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  1. Nehme

    iPhone Bug

    Dear Mathilda, Thank you for your kind suggestion. The problem is that the information in the capsio account contains medical information for known patients. This is why it is not allowed for me to share the content. Thank you
  2. Nehme

    iPhone Bug

    Thanks a lot for your help. If fact, I have set the time to 2 hours. So this would not be the problem. I tried also to set the Enable cross app login, but it doesn't work. After a successful login, if they press on search (the only button there), they are redirected to the login page again! And only on iPhone. This is really frustrating. Thank you again for your help. Do you have another suggestion?
  3. Nehme

    iPhone Bug

    Hello,I am having a problem for users trying to log-in using iPhone (and sometimes Mac).After logging in to their account, they must perform a search.When they click "Search", they are redirected to the log-in page again. This doesn't happens at all on windowsAny help? Thank you
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