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  1. I just finally found this after building a pretty elaborate trigger based on bulk imports. Anyone know if this feature has been requested/is in the works?
  2. Thanks for your response May I've tried your script but I'm not seeing any change in behavior in my application... If you have time to look at this more, here's some clarification: I'm using two datapages -- First datapage collects training class info. (example data: Ladder Safety, 08/19/2017) Second datapage allows user to select names from a list of employees and (by clicking "add" one by one) add them (with class info) into a training attendance records table. (example data: John Smith, Ladder Safety, 08/19/2017; Mark Jones, Ladder Safety, 08/19/2017; etc.)
  3. I have a datapage (tabular report) set up to allow the user to add records, in which case the user will select from a dropdown list of names and a record will be created (for the selected individual) with fields set to receive external paramaters from previous datapage. I need the dropdown list of names to be filtered by employee, so that the user can drill down and create records for a specific company's employees. Whether this filtering needs to happen based on an external parameter (from previous datapage) or a setting in the current datapage (or even view) makes no difference to me.
  4. I am trying to track warnings given to company employees. It's a three-strikes-and-you're-out situation. I originally created a field called "warning_level" in which you could select a 1, 2, or a 3. But now I'm wondering if it's possible to automatically calculate/count how many warnings have been submitted for each employee. And also limit submissions to three per employee. Additionally, warnings are meant to expire after one year. Is it possible to calculate the age of a submission and automatically make it inactive, and then prevent it from being included in the count?
  5. Bump. I'm using StudioPress Genesis framework and there must be some major CSS incompatibility. Suppose I could dig in and investigate this, but isn't there an easy way to just make Caspio CSS override my theme's CSS? OR is there just a simple theme that works really well with Caspio?? I just want it to look clean, exactly like it does in the demo videos :} Any ideas? Any recommended themes? Any recommended approaches?
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