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  1. Thank you nightowl! I'm just now seeing this....wow, love the detailed info here, amazing job, thanks again! Oh, to answer #2, it's a form inputting sku #s that I'm checking against a hidden virtual field's cascading dropdown (which contains the skus that are associated with the order). The idea is to validate skus we are picking and packing/shipping against the skus that should be in the order (from another table).
  2. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Okay, I have a script that I think should work, but I can't get it to function....Here it is: <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.0/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $("#caspioform").submit( function() { var selectedopts = $('[name=cbParamVirtual1]').getChildren(); for(i=0;i<selectedopts.length;i++) { if(selectedopts[i].val() == '') { return false; } } }); </script> The script is trying to validate the input (into a text field via barcode scanner) against a hidden dropdown (virtual field "cbParamVirtual1").... Event handler question/issues: CURRENTLY, the barcode scanner, as it scans, it hits "enter" (like a keyboard enter, I think) at the same time submitting the form I need the above code to keep it from submitting if the value isn't in the dropdown Is ".submit" the correct event handler for this? ...or do I use ".keypress"? maybe something else? Location of script question Do I put the script in the form's footer or header...or should I put this in the header of the webpage where it's embeded? I'm confused about when to use the form's header/footer vs the webpage header One more detail that I left out is that I have an iframe code deployed in the footer of the form...it's the only way I could get a report to update as the form (also in an iframe) is submitted....it works well, even though I've read you can't deploy inside another datapage.... that seems doesn't seem to hold true with iframes. However, would I need to change the form name above if I have the 2nd datapage deployed in the footer of the form????
  3. Did you ever figure this out? I'm doing almost the exact same thing as you were trying to do here.... I'm just struggling to do it on the client side.... I keep getting the answer to contact Caspio and do this server side, but I'd REALLY like to avoid paying extra for something that should be simple to do!
  4. Wow...that worked. I could've sworn that I had tried this already.... but I may have put the [0] in the wrong place. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I've had issues renaming fields....especially with scripts that are pulling data from other tables. If it's an insterted field, I don't think there's an issue, but if it's a field from another table, you must input/update the correct table name and field name in the script. Let me also add, that for people (like me) that use Zapier to connect to third-party APIs, when you rename a table, you must go back to your zap and select the new table name or you'll lose all the information that's coming from the third party's API. Tough lesson to learn, because you can't retrieve the data you missed while the table had the incorrect name...unless you're far more tech savvy than myself and can write your custom program or script to pull from an API (in which case you probably aren't using Zapier anyway). Zapier is great, but it's limited to going-forward data.
  6. I'm using a barcode reader to scan an order in a form, passing parameters to another form that scans the product sku, and the 2nd form opens itself up after each sku for however many skus are related to the order. It works well. The sum of the skus scanned by product are in another report datapage that updates on the same page the 2nd form is on. The report queries both the table used to scan skus for a sum by product, and a table containing data from shipping software that contains what should be shipped within it's table.... The only issue with this setup is that I'd prefer to get rid of the 2nd form, and just scan the order# , then pass parameters to the report page and use inline edit to scan skus.... the barcode reader hits enter itself with each scan and I have the button hidden... I can't get this done BECAUSE I can't get the cursor to focus on the inline edit field for skus when the first page opens the report. I think there should be an option for this like there is for forms....but since there isn't, I've been trying a bunch of scripts....here's my latest.... Footer: <script> { document.getElementsByName('EditRecordInlineAddlineItemsku').focus(); document.getElementsByName('EditRecordInlineAddlineItemsku').select(); } </script> Any ideas how I might fix this???
  7. I'll look into to doing this... I can edit the CSS (from the stylesheet once it's on the server), but I update the page to amazon using a zip file created by the webpage software I use and it'll be overwritten each time I make a change to the page in the software and upload the new zip file. The software has an html insert function, but it's limited to the block i'm editing, and doesn't give me access to the header. I think there may be a setting that allows the user to add code to the header, but I haven't played with that yet. My main issue was having a report, deployed on the same page, update when a form was submitted. The form opens itself on the same page and the report is supposed to update... it works fine when I don't use iframes, but when I have two iframes in the page, the form refreshes, but the page doesn't. I've tried a million refresh scripts to no avail. Anyway, I found a work around. I found that I can deploy my report iframe into the footer of the form. I now only deploy my form's iframe on my page , and the report iframe, located inside the form footer, updates. ...this is exactly what I needed, so I'm going to stick with this and play around with the CSS on a test page in the future.... because I'd prefer to get away from iframes. Thank you for help!
  8. I have a few zaps that pull information between Shipstation (http://www.shipstation.com/) and a table in Caspio. However, when the data is pulled in, a few columns are blank (storeid, item sku, and item name...all info that shipstation gets from shopify, although most shopify data is brought over, just not these fields). My work around is using a zap to a google sheet, then another zap to caspio. I'm not sure if the data type isn't compatible or what, but I can't imagine that they aren't in a text format....because the storeids are alpahnumeric and the item names wouldn't be anything but text, right? The REAL issue with the work around is that the Shipstation to Caspio zap uses polling or maybe a webhook (I don't know how the zaps work tbh) to instantly update the caspio tables...which is what I'd prefer to do instead of waiting 5 minutes for the zap run (paid account). Has anybody encountered an issue similar to this? Any ideas of what could be happening and if there's something I could look at in my tables to try and fix this? Thanks in advance!
  9. The style sheet (css) from my webpage removes all styling from my reports and forms. I can't work with iframes, there's just too much of a struggle to refresh data with multiple iframes deployed on one page (for me at least). My question is can I get my embedded deployed code to call the css style sheet from Caspio, instead of that of the webpage??? I've tried copying all the css into the webpage's style sheet, but for some reason my tables on this website appends a number at the end of of the css selector... for example: .cbFormLabel is now .cbFormLabel_23b221101fd7e9 I have no idea if my website software (Artisteer) is appending that, or if the host is.... I know just about enough about coding, to realize I have no idea what I'm doing, any help would be very much appreciated.
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